Second Fasting Day (18/4/13)

It’s early Saturday morn but I’ll be writing about this past Thursday. All in all, my fast day went well. I did, however, only consume 472.5 calories instead of the 600 I am supposed to eat on my fasting day. I’m not trying to prove anything by eating less calories, I simply refrained from buttering my toast and I ate no rice with dinner.

My menu consisted of: Breakfast, which I ate at 11:00am; 2C black coffee (10kcal), 1 fried egg (75) on dry low cal toast (45). Dinner was eaten at 6:00pm; a heaping 2C mixed baby greens (20), 1T dressing (12.5), 3oz mini peppers (40), 1/4C feta cheese (70), a grilled chicken breast (120) and a heaping 2C steamed veggies (80).

I was surprised that green beans had more calories than a veggie mix containing carrots, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. I also did not miss the butter (margarine) on my toast. The reason I chose not to eat the rice was I thought it rather forced. The only reason to eat it was to raise my caloric intake but I was plenty full after I ate my dinner, sans rice.

Along with eating fewer calories two days a week, I am exercising too. I have gone to the gym every day this past week for my 30 minute cardio workout. I use a pre-programmed setting called Kilimanjaro, which begins easily and incrementally increases resistance until I am at the summit (half way through the workout). Upon my decent, the resistance decreases. On Thursday’s workout, I went for 45 minutes but all others were 30.

While eating this way, I noticed that I have become aware of my caloric intake during my non-fasting days. I find this not only interesting but frightening as well. Just yesterday I had a bagel, buttered of course, and a three egg spinach omelet with Swiss cheese. My breakfast was almost 1100 calories!! Now I’m not going to obsess with my caloric intake during my non-fasting days because that will burn me out but good Lord, 1100 calories for breakfast? Another thing that I noticed , in the desire to reduce calories, was that I went out to dinner, Mexican to be exact. I ordered the chicken fajitas and a to-go box. Upon the arrival of my food, I placed half of it into the take-out box and ate half the portion. That half portion, along with the many chips, salsa and a Margarita, had filled me up so much that I came home and went to bed. I can definitely sense that my eating habits are changing, I just hope that it is for the better.


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