Third Day of Calorie Restriction Fast

I’m going to do today a little differently. Not in the way that I intend to fast but in how I blog about it. Since I’m still new to using WordPress, this may go horribly wrong but as the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I’m going to post throughout the day and try to add pictures of what I am eating on these fasting days.

To begin with, it is currently 11:00am. I have already come back from the gym, weighed myself and ate breakfast. I rode the elliptical machine for thirty minutes, for a total of 507 calories burned (according to the machine). I came home, stripped down and hopped on the scale. I weighed in at 145.6kg. I have lost exactly one kilo in one week and for this I am glad. After my shower, I fried (with cooking spray) one egg over easy, and had with it, one piece of low-cal bread along with two cups of black coffee. I’m still working on the coffee, by the way. Oh, so far my caloric intake is 130 kcal.


I’ll post lunch, with a picture, when I get around to eating.

Well, when lunchtime came around, I wasn’t all that hungry, so I waited until 5:30 to eat dinner. This consisted of 200g mixed baby greens (23cal), 1T salad dressing (12.5cal), 3oz sliced mini bell peppers (40cal), 1/4C herbed feta cheese (70cal), 4oz grilled chicken breast (120), 200g steamed veggies (75cal), and 1/3C brown rice (73). I’ll tell you what, after eating a big dinner like this, I was full. Now it’s 8:00pm and I think I’ll watch a movie. Today’s total calorie count is 543.5; that will be good.

I honestly believe that I can do this for the rest of my days. Fasting this way is not too difficult. The only thing that I truly dislike is weighing and measuring my food but having to do it only two days a week seems quite reasonable. Below is a picture of my dinner. They will be relatively similar on my fasting days so as to eliminate having to weigh and measure new things each week.


Cheers and see you on Thursday(ish)


3 thoughts on “Third Day of Calorie Restriction Fast

  1. Hello Bob, I thought I’d pop over and see how you are getting on.

    Eggs over easy is a very American thing nobody does in the UK. But the photo looks so good I could reach in the screen and eat it!

    I gave your new site a plug on my 5:2 blog, in the hope you will also get a few interested readers.

    I wish you the best of luck. I’ll stick around.

  2. Morning, I came here from the 5:2 blog to see how you were going and I love the chalkboard theme. Both of you are helping me no end and so thank you very much. The photos help a lot as well, so thank you for taking the time to snap those. I had a boiled egg for brekky and a piece of toast – with a scrape of margarine… as dry toast? Not yet. I like the idea of the packet soups but am quite happy with water at the moment, however over time that may become tedious.
    I am interested in the 5:2 for the improvements to the brain and not the weight loss, although that is not a bad thing either.
    Thank you again for your time.

  3. Hi Bob,
    I’ve just been reading Slim’s 5/2 blog, and read your encouraging comments, and now I’ve found your blog too! I love what you’re doing and am interested in the male perspective on this way of eating. I’m from Australia, and I started my 2/5 fasting journey about 7 weeks ago. I was talked into doing a blog too, and I’m finding that it is helping to keep me honest. I love your photos and your layout, but what got me was the encouraging comments you made on Slim’s blog. Keep up the good work! We all need a little encouragement now and again!
    You can find my blog if you google

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