Another Fasting Day Complete

As nothing noteworthy happened yesterday, I figured that my ramblings could be postponed a day. The day went as usual with the slight exception of eating my first meal about noon; one fried egg (75) over easy with a slice of low-cal Dave’s Killer bread (60). I also consume two cups of black coffee (10) throughout the morning, and it is this that I attribute my ability to wait until noon for that first meal. This has become my standard breakfast/lunch, or should I say, brunch.

Dinner was eaten at six o’clock and consisted of 3oz mixed baby greens with spinach (20), 3oz sliced mini bell peppers (40), 1/4C herbed feta cheese (70), 1 Tbsp salad dressing (12.5), 4oz grilled chicken breast (120), 200g steamed broccoli (70), and 1/3C brown rice (73). Later that evening I had a cup of decaf green tea with 2T almond milk (8.75) and 2 tsp Splenda (4). It was a nice hot, sweetened treat that took the edge off when I would normally have some sort of snack. My total caloric intake for this fast day was 563.25 kcal.

Some things I have noticed. It is fascinating how the illusion of time either speeds up or slows down, depending whether you are traveling to a destination or simply meandering. What I mean by this is that all the while I had been eating my normal consumption of calories, and steadily gaining weight, time seemed to tick by rather quickly. Now it appears, as I am losing weight, that time is passing much slower than I would like. My first fasting week began on fifteen April, which makes this the end of my third week of the 5/2 diet. I can’t believe that only three weeks have passed. If I was not eating this way but simply gaining weight, as I have been, it would have been three months by now. It seems as though the saying “a watch pot never boils” applies to more than making tea.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Another Fasting Day Complete

  1. I am also following the 5:2 diet right now. Just finished week 4, and I have lost 14 lbs. Feeling good and having many of the same experiences. More conscious of what I eat on non-fasting days, and not feeling terribly deprived on fast days. I need to get my calorie count up on fast days, had a day this week that I noticed I was feeling weak and had not consummed enough protein. And I’m cold all the time. Good luck to you, and thanks for the blog, it helps to see what other people’s experiences are with this program.

    • Hi Christina,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s nice to know that there are others out there doing the same thing. I was going to say, it’s nice to have others, whom with to commiserate but I am not feeling deprived.
      Also, congratulations on your weight loss. Three and a half pounds a week is a serious accomplishment. My fourth week of 5/2 begins tomorrow; it will also be my third weigh-in after I began this journey.

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