Beginning Week Four of Fasting and Weigh-in Day

It was inevitable after all, right?. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I weighed myself this morning and am now 318.6. That’s just a bit more than a half kilo weight gain from last week. I’m not a bit surprised. This past weekend was quite a feast. It’s not that I over ate, well maybe a little, but I ate too many salty foods. I believe that I have retained some water as my ankles were a wee bit swollen last night. I couldn’t resist. The weather has been outstanding, so Saturday was an outdoor day. I packed my favorite lunch, which consisted of a couple salametti secchi sausages, a wedge of cambazola cheese (a cross between Camembert and Gorgonzola) and a French baguette. Yes, I ate all of it.

Yesterday didn’t help either, being Cinco de Mayo and all. I cooked a veritable Mexican feast and ate like it was my last meal…ever. Oh well. That being said, I’m not entirely certain whose brilliant idea it was for me to weigh in directly after the weekend. It was either stupid me or idiot me. Oh well, there’s no use crying over 600 grams and as my blogmate says, as long as the trend is downward.

I’ll update later with today’s fasting day menu. However, it will not be varying too much from the previous menus.

Well my menu was pretty much the same. I did mix things up a little, just so I could snack now.

Here’s my day:

Breakfast was a fried egg (75), 2C black coffee (10), and a piece of Dave’s Killer low-cal toast (60), eaten at 12:30. Dinner consisted of a 4oz grilled chicken breast (120), 260g steamed veg (91), 3oz mixed baby greens (20), 1 Tbsp salad dressing (12.5), 1/4 C herbed feta cheese (70) and 1/3 C brown rice (73). Since I omitted the mini bell peppers from my dinner salad, I am now (8:45PM) eating 150g of Italian giardiniera vegetables (23.5) cut into tiny pieces, so they last a loooong time. Total caloric intake is 555.

Thanks to you Blush and Barbells, for your kind words of encouragement.



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