Fasting Day #10 May-16

I feel odd calling these days fasting days. Fasting implies going without food but I’m sitting here feeling rather satisfied having eaten a nice 380 calorie supper. The same as usual; a nice salad with bell peppers and herbed feta, along with a broiled chicken breast, some brown rice and steamed veg. All in all, a pleasant meal indeed. Nonetheless, fasting day it shall be.

For brekky, a fried egg and a slice of dry toast. All this food for a whopping 506 total caloric intake.

Nothing else to share as today was relatively uneventful. I’ll be weighing in on Tuesdays now, so I’ll post about Monday’s fasting day at the same time I post my scale results.

Side note – If you are able, please visit my new mate Slim’s blog. Post an encouraging comment, he has been plateauing for some time.




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