Eleventh Fasting Day Done (20-May)

I don’t know if this is getting easier but yesterday’s fasting day went very well. There have been days where it seemed like I could not put enough food into my mouth but last week, none of those days occurred. It appears as though my stomach has shrunk. Not in a visible sort of way (drat it) but when it comes to portions. An example is when I went out to lunch on Sunday. I ordered my standard fare, except I ordered the bowl of Hot and Sour soup instead of getting the cup, which normally comes with the meal. This may seem contrary to what I have just written, so wait a moment, I’m not finished. As I began to eat my soup, I realized that it was far more than I would be able to finish. When the waitress brought my Crispy Garlic Chicken, Fried Rice and Egg Foo Young, I requested a to-go container for my soup and my plate of food. I put the rest (~half) of the soup into a container and about half of my meal into another container. When I finished eating the remaining portion, I was well sated. The to-go containers served as Sunday dinner. I was so proud of myself.

So proud in fact, let me bore you with a reiteration my new eating / lifestyle. The only days that I count calories are on the fasting days, where I average less than 550. On the feed days, I do not watch my caloric intake, however, I am well aware of what I eat. Along with this awareness, I am taking Super CitriMax supplements. I learned about these from a television program and then researched them on my own. One of the benefits of these supplements is that they are to be taken 30-60 minutes before a meal and taken on an empty stomach. This regimen has reduced my between meal snacking to naught. Along with doing the 5:2 diet, watching what I eat during the feed days, taking these supplements, which may or may not help whatsoever, and eliminating between meal snacks, I am going to the gym Monday through Friday. I usually exercise for 35 minutes per session. According to the elliptical machine, within 30 minutes (plus 5 minutes cool down) of exercise, I travel 3.33 miles (5.36km) while expending 565 calories.

That being said, I weighed in today at 141.9kg (312.7 pounds). This makes a total loss of 4.7 kilos (10.4 lbs) in five weeks. At two pounds a week, it may be possible that I will be below 136 kilos by my 50th birthday in July. It has been a while since that weight was seen. My goal is to be able to stand up straight, look down and see my toes by the end of the year. I know they are still down there.

If you are still interested, my fasting day menu consisted of one fried egg (75cal) on dry low cal toast (45cal) and one cup of black coffee (5cal). The dinner entree was a two and three-quarter ounce grilled chicken breast (82.5cal), 200g steamed broccoli (59cal), a third cup brown rice (73cal), while the salad contained three ounces mixed baby greens (20cal), three ounces sliced bell peppers (40cal), one-quarter cup herbed feta cheese (70cal), all tossed with one tablespoon Italian dressing (12.5cal). For a grand total of 482 calories.

Again, thank you for stopping by and having a read. See you on Thursday.



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