A Third Day of Fasting

Call it penance, call it greed, call it trying to regain some self-control, call it what you will, I’m calling it a third fasting day. Penance, because yesterday my eating was slightly out of control; greed because I want to lose weight as quickly as possible; and self-control: see penance. I didn’t even go work out yesterday. That’s how poorly my day went. Now as I sit here, eating my egg with its dry toast counterpart, I’m contemplating just how bad yesterday was.

I guess it could have gone worse. I mean, I didn’t eat any sweets. By sweets, I mean candies and such. I did, however, eat plenty of home-made jam on toast with enough peanut butter to choke a mule. Then there were all those tortilla chips with salsa and canned cheese product. All this after I ate a sensible breakfast, immediately followed by  another sensible breakfast. By the time dinner rolled around, I wasn’t even hungry but that wasn’t about to stop me from eating. No. I went out for dinner. By the time the appetizer arrived, I had already consumed two demi-loaves of delicious dark bread, with lots of butter. Two Coke zeros and half of my appetizer gone, my burger and fries arrived. They were delicious as well. When I got home, I didn’t eat anything else  but that didn’t stop me from looking in my fridge and pantry about a dozen times. I finally calmed down after I had two rum punches. Eek-gads, what was wrong with me?

Anyway, today is a new day. I’ve gone to the gym and had my lunch. Now I just have to make it until supper and all will be well. I’ll come back later to finish the day.

Ciao for now.

Evening update: I finished dinner about an hour ago and all is well. I might mix things up now and again, just to keep my body from getting into a rut. See you all on Tuesday for my weekly weigh-in results.


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