16th Fasting Day

I’ll begin straight away with the good news; I weighed in today at 141 kilos (310.8 lbs) on the dot. That is a total weight loss of 5.6 Kg (12.3 lbs) since 15 April. In that, I am well pleased.

Monday was my sixteenth fasting day. It was a little tougher than other fasting days as I woke up hungry, ready to eat. I stuck with the program and was rewarded with some weight loss.

Also, I have added strength training to my work out regimen. After a 35 minute elliptical run of 3.5 miles, I will work upper body on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be restricted to my mid section. My arms are a little sore today but I am gradually building this into my routine.

I don’t have much to say beside this, so it looks like I’ll be checking back on Thursday evening. Have a wonderful week.



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