Two Months all Done, Yay! or Thursday Fasting Day – 13 June

Officially, it will be two months complete this Saturday. This is a milestone and I am happy thus far. Up to this point I have lost one stone in weight. I know this weight loss won’t last indefinitely but for now, it’s good. Sitting here thinking of fourteen pounds gone, I can’t help but chuckle at the cosmic injustice of weight gain vs. weight loss. The experts say that the loss of about a half kilo to a kilo a week is healthy. The injustice lies in the fact that I can put a kilo of weight on in about two days, three if I pace myself. It took my two months to lose 6.3 kilos and if I tried, I could gain it all back in a week. How bloody fair is that? Cosmically unjust, says I. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not grousing at the results of the 5:2 diet, I am simply reflecting on the self-control required to lose weight in stark contrast to the self-indulgence required to gain. Self-indulgence seems much more fun, however, the consequences are far reaching indeed.

Alright, on to the nuts and bolts of today. I skipped going to the gym just because I felt like taking today off. I also skipped my coffee, which is unusual but I feel fine. I ate my fried egg (75) and piece of low-cal toast (45) about 1:00pm. Dinner consisted of a 4.25oz grilled chicken breast (127.5), 200g steamed broccoli (59), 1/3C brown rice (73), 3oz baby greens (20), 1T salad dressing (12.5), 3oz sliced orange bell peppers (40), and 1/4C herbed feta cheese (70) for a whopping 522 calories.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read. If you are so inclined, please leave a comment. They are most encouraging.



3 thoughts on “Two Months all Done, Yay! or Thursday Fasting Day – 13 June

  1. Two months is awesome! 14 lbs. is even better. I also agree that the ability to gain is much more rapid than the whole loss deal! Keep going. I’m 2.5 months into it and my scale just broke! No it really is broken!! New batteries since when I stepped on it for weekly weigh in, I was 6 lbs. lighter! Quickly stepped back on and was immediately up five. New battery this weekend and then we will see. Have a wonderful week! Again congrats to the healthier you.

  2. Hey Bobby, big congratulations on a stone already!

    That’s pretty awesome in only two months. Are you noticing the stone gone? By which I mean do you feel it has gone?

    • Hi Slim and thank you.
      The only thing I have noticed is that some shirts that were beginning to feel uncomfortably tight are now fitting better. I’ve snapped photos of myself on my start day (15 April) and each month thereafter So far, I can see nothing noticeable. I still am quite overweight.
      What I wish I could have done was get my blood work done when I first began. I’d like to contrast that with what it is either now or in another four months.
      Upon my one year anniversary, I may post a before and after photo. Well see. 😉

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