Eleventh Week Begins – Monday 24 June Recap

I am amazed at how quickly the weeks are adding up and I am truly excited about this 5:2 diet. I have not had to give up any food and counting calories just two days a week is becoming easier. I’ll explain as to why this is so.

I am the type of person who becomes rather bored with routine. This is especially true when it comes to eating. I can eat the same meal two, maybe three, times in a row. After that, I am in a rut. I hate ruts. I’m sure that some people take comfort in routine; eating the same things day in and day out. I am not that person. That being said, once again I have mixed up my fasting day meal.

For breakfast, there is my usual 2C black coffee (10cal). Fyi, having a daily coffee is no rut, it is an addiction 🙂 . For lunch I ate 150g of plain Skipjack tuna (161cal) from a tin. I did add a bit of salt-free seasoning, which pepped up the flavor. For dinner, it was a Healthy Choice Beef Portabella frozen dinner (280cal), 3 oz baby greens (20cal), 1T Cheese Fantastico dressing (12.5cal), 3oz shredded jicama (32cal), and 2T herbed feta cheese (35cal). Totaling 550.5 calories.

Having just weighed in, my weight as of 25 June is 139.6kg (307.6lbs). This is a slight gain of 600g since last week. I’m not depressed or saddened by this as it seems to be the trend of my weight loss. I’ll lose for about three weeks, gain a wee bit, then lose for the next three weeks and so on.

Below is a graph of my weight loss thus far. I am quite please with the results and am looking forward to what lies ahead.


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