Tuesday Weight Update

Even though it seemed like I overate this past weekend, the scale didn’t seem to notice. I now weigh in at 134.5kg (296.5lbs). That is a 900g (2lb) drop from last week.

According to Excel, I am averaging an 800g (1.77lb) loss per week. That includes the odd three weeks of slight weight gain, too.

This makes a total weight loss of 12,1 kilos, 26.6 pounds, or 1 stone 9, and it is actually beginning to show. I am happy.

See you all Thursday.

It’s Week Sixteen Already?

Fasting today was a welcome event. As with many of the previous posts, this past weekend was not kind to me. Another way to put that: I probably ate more than I ought. When Monday rolls around, I feel like the prodigal son, returning home after a few nights of drunken debauchery. There was, however, no debauching done, simply an over-indulgence of my favorite pastime. Food. sigh.
It really is getting better, though. My excess has been drastically reduced to merely excess-lite and with any luck/self-discipline, this excess will continue to dwindle with each passing day/week/month.

With that in mind, today’s fasting menu was part penance, part snapping back into reality. My usual 2C black coffee (10) was consumed throughout the morning but I didn’t eat the fried egg (75) and toast (60) until around 14:00. Dinner was eaten at 17:30 and consisted of a 131g grilled chicken breast (142), 150g steamed cauliflower (34), with 150g grilled zucchini (22.5). This was accompanied by a 6oz green salad (30), gently tossed in 1T salad dressing (12.5). After only consuming 386 calories, I am remarkable satisfied and feel as though control, of what enters my mouth, is mine to be had.

Come the morrow, with great trepidation, shall I post the weigh-in results.

As Week Fifteen Comes To A Close

I’m sitting here pleased as punch about discovering this 5:2 diet. You see, I am a foodie. I love to cook food and especially eat food. Junk food and sweets have never been that appealing and as I’ve said before, if given the choice between a plate of chocolate truffles or steamed broccoli covered in holandaise sauce, the broccoli would win every time. Therein lies the problem. The entire plateful of broccoli and all that delicious hollandaise sauce would be consumed, relatively quickly. All 3000 calories would be eaten as part of the days consumption. Now I’ve never been tempted with said challenge, but the thought of that broccoli is making my fasting day mouth salivate.

Back to the original point. Having been on this 5:2 diet for a few months now, I have been able to continue eating well. I’ve posted about the wonderful tabouleh and hummus, and last night for dinner, I ate a fantastic salad with sliced red bell pepper, shredded jicama, sun gold tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, toasted almonds and dried cranberries. It was wonderfully refreshing AND filling. I am eating less food, chewing slower and getting healthier.

The eating less food has become evident in the monthly food bill. Less money is being spent and with the cost of everything on the rise, this is a welcome outcome. That, along with losing almost two stone, should be enough. Another manifestation of eating less happened today.

The day started out with the usual exercise but I did not drink any coffee. No reason, just too lazy to make any. At noon, the usual egg (75) and toast (45) was consumed. I was hungrier by dinner and had 4.25oz grilled chicken breast (131), 100g steamed cauliflower (22.5), 150g grilled zucchini (22.5), and 1/3C brown rice (73). The salad was 3oz green leaf lettuce (13), 2oz red bell peppers (17), 1/4C herbed feta (70), and 1T salad dressing (12.5). Here is where the funny thing happened. I ate my veg, rice and three bites of chicken; I was full.  Full enough to put my salad in the fridge with the remaining chicken cut up on top to eat later.

Alrighty then,

I’m out of here.

Bienvenue and Welcome – Week Fifteen begins

I need to start off by saying that fasting two days each week, as opposed to three days, is much easier to maintain. Also, I found very little benefit in fasting three days.

That being said, there is only yesterday’s menu to relate and today’s weigh-in.

Yesterday consisted of my usual fasting day menu. Two cups of black coffee (10) carried me throughout the morning. You see, I was given an extremely well insulated coffee mug last Christmas. One of which I have never experienced before. I pour hot coffee into this wondermug, secure the lid in place, and I have hot coffee for upwards of six hours. The outside of this mug never gets warmer than room temperature. Amazing thing, it is. Needless to say, when I say that my coffee lasts me throughout the morning, it is piping hot until the last drop hours later. It wasn’t until around 15:00 that I ate a fried egg (75) and low-cal toast (45). The egg is cooked sunny-side up and I cut my soldiers into little squares. That held me over until about 18:30, when I ate dinner. This consisted of a wonderful salad made of: three ounces of green leaf lettuce (13), three ounces shredded jicama (32), one-quarter cup herbed feta (70), all tossed in one tablespoon salad dressing (12.5). The entrée was a four ounce grilled chicken breast (123), two-hundred grams steamed cauliflower (45) and one-third cup brown rice (73). The entire day consisted of 498.5 calories.

On a side note, I have discovered another benefit from this 5:2 lifestyle. During fasting days, my desire is to savour every single bite of food taken. This not only prolongs the mealtime but promotes that full feeling. Historically, my eating style could be summed up with two words: engulf & devour. However, I am making a conscious effort to carry this new eating habit into the feed days. It’s quite simple really. I take a bite of food, set my fork down and chew for several bites. After swallowing this highly masticated mess, I take a drink of water. I am being decidedly cognizant to slow down while eating. No more pre-loading my fork, no more chewing twice, then swallowing, no more shoveling food into my gullet, and no more being the first person done eating. It seems to be working and I am eating noticeably less food.

Now on to the results section. After today’s exercise, I came home and pensively hopped on the scale…135.4kg (298.5lbs)! I am finally below 136 kilos. It was been a while since these numbers showed up. I am well pleased.

Until we meet again.


Week Fourteen Ends

Guten Tag! Another fasting day done. It sure is nice to say that. Another fasting day done.

It’s evening as I write this and that’s the most difficult time for me, as I do like to snack after dinner. That is my downfall. Eliminating nighttime snacks would do wonders for my weight loss but one step at a time. Right?

Yesterday was my birthday, so I celebrated by going to my favorite sushi bar. OH MY!! Look at this! If you are fasting while reading this blog, I do apologize for the temptation…that is if you enjoy this kind of thing.


I must confess, it tasted even better than it looks. And no, this was not all for me. haha

This feast carried me through the day and I was not hungry until dinner, so aside from 1C of black coffee (5cal) in the morning, I ate 2.5oz (cooked weight) grilled chicken breast (123.8), 200g steamed broccoli/cauliflower (47.1), 1/3C brown rice (73), 3oz green leaf lettuce (13), 3oz red bell pepper (26), 1/4C herbed feta (70), 1T salad dressing (12.5), and 1 Helado Lime fruit bar (30) for dinner. This gave me a grand total of 400.3 calories and I was full after I ate.

Ok, ta-ta for now. Jusqu’au Mardi.


Week Fourteen Begins with a Recap

Hi all and thanks for dropping in. Instead of waiting until the end of this thing, I suppose I should begin with some good news. According to my scale, I am now 136.5kg (300.8lbs). I was hoping to be below 300 by my birthday tomorrow but you won’t hear me complaining. Oh no, because I have lost 10.1kg and am simply thrilled.

I tried to push that number down a little more by fasting three days last week. I believe that I won’t be doing that all too often and may decide to fast three days in one week if penance are required for a particularly indulgent day (or days). It appears that fasting either two or three days a week makes very little difference as far as my weight loss is concerned. So 5:2 it is.

Also, for those of you who care, I compiled another mix of music for my Ipod. I listen to this while exercising. Keeping the beat with the music makes the time pass quickly. Along with this new mix, I increased my time on the elliptical to 40 minutes. My new musical tempo and new exercise time has me going 7km in that 40 minutes and according to the machine, I am burning 645 calories per go. Furthermore, I’ll need to be increasing the weight on the dumbbells at least five pounds. At the beginning of the month, I could barely perform three sets of ten repetitions of the bench press. Today I almost did four sets of ten reps.

I have taken pictures too. The first set was when I had started back in April. I just snapped a photo yesterday and finally can see a small difference in size. I’ll post a start and one year picture, side by side, when that time comes.

Alrighty then, on to the menus.

Saturday, 12 July, I wanted to try something different. I ate a large breakfast, which consisted of 2C black coffee (10), 109g frozen spinach (40.4), 2 eggs (150), and 1/4C herbed feta (70) all mixed together for a tasty scramble. I ate at 8:00am and by noon was famished. I will not be doing this again. 🙂  Dinner was a Healthy Choice Pasta Chicken entree (270), and 100g sliced strawberries (32). My total caloric intake was 572.4 calories.

Monday, 15 July, was 2C black coffee (10), 1 fried egg (75), and one slice dry low cal toast (45). I ate this around 15:00 as the coffee keeps me satisfied all morning. Dinner was a 120g filet of Tilapia (120), 250g grilled veg. This consisted of eggplant, zucchini and crimini mushrooms. I had to do a little math, but it worked out to 125 calories. I also had 1/3C brown rice (73). My total caloric intake was 448 calories. I wasn’t even hungry when I went to sleep.

On a side note. Today, being a feed day, was unusually busy this morning. I had to skip breakfast but ate a fantastic lunch. I felt compelled to share it with you. I made homemade Kasha Tabouleh, and homemade regular hummus as well as chipotle hummus. This was the first time making chipotle hummus and truth be told, it was delicious. I’ll leave you with a picture to drool over. Just make sure your keyboard is protected.

Thank you for stopping by.




Another Fasting Day Done!

Well, that’s it. Thursday is all done. Today was a little tougher than most, only because I went to an evening concert in the park. There was lots of good food there but I made it through unscathed.

I had a fun time at the gym today. You see, I have a very good playlist of music on my ipod. If I follow along with the beat of the songs, while on the elliptical machine, I’ll have gone about 5.5km in 35 minutes, with a fair amount of resistance, and burn about 530 calories. Today, however, after the usual 35 minutes, I decided to record the pace of other songs that did not make it onto my workout playlist as to up the pace of my exercise (this current workout is getting too easy for me). I went through about half of my music, noting which songs kept which pace. For example, Judas Priest’s live version of Diamonds and Rust had me going at an average pace of 11km/hr. My current mix varies from about 8.5km/hr to 14km/hr. Anyway, by the time I finished clocking the songs, I had completed a distance of 11.25km and had burned over 800 calories! It truly felt great.

Now on the the food.

I had 2C black coffee (10) for breakfast. Lunch was a fried egg (75) and a piece of low cal toast (45). Dinner was 3oz roasted pork loin (177.8), 150g steamed butternut squash (60), 90g steamed zucchini (13.5), and 1/3C brown rice. Along with the entree, I had a salad. It consisted of 3oz green leaf lettuce (13), 3oz red bell pepper (26), 1/4C herbed feta (70), all tossed in 1T salad dressing (12.5).

Here is a picture of my dinner. It was almost too much to eat. I actually saved the final 1/3 of my salad for later in the evening.


The daily caloric intake was 575.8.

Saturday’s fasting day will not work this week so I am doing a back to back fast of Thursday/Friday. I’ve already planned my menu for tomorrow; now that I have all this extra time due to not constantly eating.

I’ll post menus for both Friday and Monday, along with the results of Tuesday’s weigh in.