Twelfth Weeks of ADF Begins

Here we are at week twelve. After today’s exercise at the gym, I came home and hopped on the scale. Well, it is more of a pensive dance rather than a hop. Anyway, I was down 800g from the previous week. A little less than I had anticipated but trending downward nonetheless. This makes me all the more resolute to incorporate another fasting day. I need more control over my eating, continually. I’ll try a third fasting day for a little while and see what happens.

I continue to workout everyday (M-F) and within the last two weeks, have included strength training in addition to my rockin’ cardio routine. According to the elliptical machine, after completing 35 minutes, there were 550 calories burned with a distance of 5.4km traveled. My strength regimen is comprised of free weights, working the upper body M, W, F. Core muscle groups (stomach, back, sides, bum) are done T, Th.

I’ve been over 136kg for so long, I think that my body is quite accustomed to this weight. An extra push may be required so I have hopes that adding another day will accomplish that task.

I will continue to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays, even though my fasting days are Monday, Thursday and now Saturday and I will continue to weigh in on Tuesdays. Something about consistency. Tuesday will recap theĀ mindset and menus of Saturday and Monday, in addition to the Tuesday morning weekly weigh in. Thursday will be a simple assessment of that fasting day menu.

Speaking of which, on to the fasting day menu. I wasn’t too hungry yesterday and my usual 2C of black coffee (10cal) sufficed until dinnertime. Dinner was my standard fare of 3oz mixed baby greens (20cal), 2oz shredded jicama (21.3cal), tossed with 1T dressing (12.5cal), and topped with 1/4C herbed feta (80cal). Accompanying that marvelous salad was 200g grilled zucchini (30cal), 200g steamed butternut squash (80cal), 1/3C brown rice (73cal), and a 2.25oz (cooked weight) grilled boneless skinless chicken breast (111.4cal). Since my entire day had added up to a whopping 438 calories, I decided to live it up. I had found these ice pops at the market, which are a measly 60 calories per bar. Here is the link if you’d like to have a look. It was an excellent way to end the evening, giving me a grand total of 498.2 calories. By way of clarification, if you are wondering, it is an exceptionally rare occurrence that I partake in any sort of desert other than fresh fruit. I am trying to completely cut sugar out of my diet but, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have never been a sugar addict. Given the choice between a plate of the finest Belgian chocolate truffles and a plate of steamed broccoli covered in hollandaise, the veg would win every time. I may sneak one or two truffles off for later, though.

Alrighty, enough for now. Let’s do this again Thursday.




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