Thursday’s Fast Done Wednesday

Looking ahead at the neighborhood barbeque rib cook off, I knew that fasting on the Fourth was out of the question. Instead, my second fasting day of the week was held on Wednesday. Other than lauding the flexibility of this way of eating, nothing spectacular was noteworthy, so I’ll just post my menu.

The day began with the first harvested Sun Gold cherry tomato (5cal). It was sweet, warm, fantastic and one of many more to come. This was followed by 1C black coffee (5cal). Later that afternoon I had a four minute soft boiled egg (75cal) with dry low-cal soldiers (45cal). For dinner, it was 55g steamed zucchini (8.25cal), 55g steamed butternut squash (22cal), 80g steamed broccoli (23.6cal), a 4oz grilled chicken breast (123cal), and 1/3C brown rice (73cal). This was accompanied by 3oz mixed baby greens (20cal), 2oz shredded jicama (21.3cal), tossed in 2T salad dressing (25cal), and topped with 1/4C herbed feta cheese (80cal). It was an incredibly satisfying dinner; one that held me well into the night.

As I stated in the introduction, one of the attractions of the 5:2 diet is its flexibility. Monday won’t work? No problem, fast on Sunday or Tuesday. Having company on Thursday? No problem, fast on Wednesday or Friday. Need to add another fast day into your routine? Go ahead. I love it!

On a side note, during yesterday’s fast day I was looking into recipes where I could utilize my bountiful flat leaf parley plant. I found a wonderful recipe for Kasha Tabbouleh. The only alteration I did was add an additional 2T lemon juice and 1/4C olive oil. A small bowlful (~1/2C) was a perfectly refreshing summertime lunch on today’s feed day.

Alrighty then, see you all on Tuesday with the fasting menus for Saturday and Monday, along with my latest weight. I hope that the temporary 4:3 version of this diet will help me shed a bit more a bit faster. Time will tell.




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