Week Thirteen Begins

It would appear that completing a week with three fasting days is not going to be a problem; at least based on last weeks undertaking. To be honest, I’m having trouble eating as many calories a I should on my fasting days, as I am simply not that hungry. What I am finding is that those feelings of hunger pass in a relatively short time.

That being said, I stepped onto the scale this morning and viola, I lost another 1.1kg. smiley-dance005I am now down to 137.7kg (303.4lbs). Since 15 April I have lost 1.4 stone (19.7lbs). I am quite pleased. Now on to the nuts and bolts of it all, the menus.

Since adding a Saturday fast, I have decided to take it easy that day and eat a prepared meal. It seems that the Healthy Choice brand is the one for now. They are good and a breeze to prepare.

Saturday 6 July: 2C black coffee (10cal), 1 fried egg (75cal) and 1 slice low-cal bread (45cal) for lunch. Dinner was 2 Sun Gold tomatoes (from my tomato plant) (6cal), and a Healthy Choice Roast Chicken dinner (240cal).  That was it. Consumed were 376 calories.

Monday 8 July: 1.5C black coffee (7.5), 1 fried egg (75cal) and 1 slice low-cal bread (45cal) for lunch. Dinner consisted of 4.125oz chicken breast (126.8), 230g steamed broccoli (67.9) and 1/3C brown rice (73). The total caloric intake for Monday was 395.2 calories.

Although I consumed 100-200 calories less than I ought, I felt the need to eat no more as I was not hungry. Having done this for almost three months, I can say with certainty that fasting days can go either way. One can either be content with eating little or have an insatiable hunger. Last week, mine was the former.

Until Thursday, ta-ta.



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