Another Fasting Day Done!

Well, that’s it. Thursday is all done. Today was a little tougher than most, only because I went to an evening concert in the park. There was lots of good food there but I made it through unscathed.

I had a fun time at the gym today. You see, I have a very good playlist of music on my ipod. If I follow along with the beat of the songs, while on the elliptical machine, I’ll have gone about 5.5km in 35 minutes, with a fair amount of resistance, and burn about 530 calories. Today, however, after the usual 35 minutes, I decided to record the pace of other songs that did not make it onto my workout playlist as to up the pace of my exercise (this current workout is getting too easy for me). I went through about half of my music, noting which songs kept which pace. For example, Judas Priest’s live version of Diamonds and Rust had me going at an average pace of 11km/hr. My current mix varies from about 8.5km/hr to 14km/hr. Anyway, by the time I finished clocking the songs, I had completed a distance of 11.25km and had burned over 800 calories! It truly felt great.

Now on the the food.

I had 2C black coffee (10) for breakfast. Lunch was a fried egg (75) and a piece of low cal toast (45). Dinner was 3oz roasted pork loin (177.8), 150g steamed butternut squash (60), 90g steamed zucchini (13.5), and 1/3C brown rice. Along with the entree, I had a salad. It consisted of 3oz green leaf lettuce (13), 3oz red bell pepper (26), 1/4C herbed feta (70), all tossed in 1T salad dressing (12.5).

Here is a picture of my dinner. It was almost too much to eat. I actually saved the final 1/3 of my salad for later in the evening.


The daily caloric intake was 575.8.

Saturday’s fasting day will not work this week so I am doing a back to back fast of Thursday/Friday. I’ve already planned my menu for tomorrow; now that I have all this extra time due to not constantly eating.

I’ll post menus for both Friday and Monday, along with the results of Tuesday’s weigh in.




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