Week Fourteen Begins with a Recap

Hi all and thanks for dropping in. Instead of waiting until the end of this thing, I suppose I should begin with some good news. According to my scale, I am now 136.5kg (300.8lbs). I was hoping to be below 300 by my birthday tomorrow but you won’t hear me complaining. Oh no, because I have lost 10.1kg and am simply thrilled.

I tried to push that number down a little more by fasting three days last week. I believe that I won’t be doing that all too often and may decide to fast three days in one week if penance are required for a particularly indulgent day (or days). It appears that fasting either two or three days a week makes very little difference as far as my weight loss is concerned. So 5:2 it is.

Also, for those of you who care, I compiled another mix of music for my Ipod. I listen to this while exercising. Keeping the beat with the music makes the time pass quickly. Along with this new mix, I increased my time on the elliptical to 40 minutes. My new musical tempo and new exercise time has me going 7km in that 40 minutes and according to the machine, I am burning 645 calories per go. Furthermore, I’ll need to be increasing the weight on the dumbbells at least five pounds. At the beginning of the month, I could barely perform three sets of ten repetitions of the bench press. Today I almost did four sets of ten reps.

I have taken pictures too. The first set was when I had started back in April. I just snapped a photo yesterday and finally can see a small difference in size. I’ll post a start and one year picture, side by side, when that time comes.

Alrighty then, on to the menus.

Saturday, 12 July, I wanted to try something different. I ate a large breakfast, which consisted of 2C black coffee (10), 109g frozen spinach (40.4), 2 eggs (150), and 1/4C herbed feta (70) all mixed together for a tasty scramble. I ate at 8:00am and by noon was famished. I will not be doing this again. 🙂  Dinner was a Healthy Choice Pasta Chicken entree (270), and 100g sliced strawberries (32). My total caloric intake was 572.4 calories.

Monday, 15 July, was 2C black coffee (10), 1 fried egg (75), and one slice dry low cal toast (45). I ate this around 15:00 as the coffee keeps me satisfied all morning. Dinner was a 120g filet of Tilapia (120), 250g grilled veg. This consisted of eggplant, zucchini and crimini mushrooms. I had to do a little math, but it worked out to 125 calories. I also had 1/3C brown rice (73). My total caloric intake was 448 calories. I wasn’t even hungry when I went to sleep.

On a side note. Today, being a feed day, was unusually busy this morning. I had to skip breakfast but ate a fantastic lunch. I felt compelled to share it with you. I made homemade Kasha Tabouleh, and homemade regular hummus as well as chipotle hummus. This was the first time making chipotle hummus and truth be told, it was delicious. I’ll leave you with a picture to drool over. Just make sure your keyboard is protected.

Thank you for stopping by.





3 thoughts on “Week Fourteen Begins with a Recap

  1. Enjoyed your blog. I’m in the states (Boston). I started 5:2 a week after you did. I started at 92 kg and have lost about 7 kg so far. I am not a cook, so do some pretty easy things for my one meal on Fast Days. I have begun to branch out and appreciate your menus and photos. Good luck, man!

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