Week Fourteen Ends

Guten Tag! Another fasting day done. It sure is nice to say that. Another fasting day done.

It’s evening as I write this and that’s the most difficult time for me, as I do like to snack after dinner. That is my downfall. Eliminating nighttime snacks would do wonders for my weight loss but one step at a time. Right?

Yesterday was my birthday, so I celebrated by going to my favorite sushi bar. OH MY!! Look at this! If you are fasting while reading this blog, I do apologize for the temptation…that is if you enjoy this kind of thing.


I must confess, it tasted even better than it looks. And no, this was not all for me. haha

This feast carried me through the day and I was not hungry until dinner, so aside from 1C of black coffee (5cal) in the morning, I ate 2.5oz (cooked weight) grilled chicken breast (123.8), 200g steamed broccoli/cauliflower (47.1), 1/3C brown rice (73), 3oz green leaf lettuce (13), 3oz red bell pepper (26), 1/4C herbed feta (70), 1T salad dressing (12.5), and 1 Helado Lime fruit bar (30) for dinner. This gave me a grand total of 400.3 calories and I was full after I ate.

Ok, ta-ta for now. Jusqu’au Mardi.



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