Bienvenue and Welcome – Week Fifteen begins

I need to start off by saying that fasting two days each week, as opposed to three days, is much easier to maintain. Also, I found very little benefit in fasting three days.

That being said, there is only yesterday’s menu to relate and today’s weigh-in.

Yesterday consisted of my usual fasting day menu. Two cups of black coffee (10) carried me throughout the morning. You see, I was given an extremely well insulated coffee mug last Christmas. One of which I have never experienced before. I pour hot coffee into this wondermug, secure the lid in place, and I have hot coffee for upwards of six hours. The outside of this mug never gets warmer than room temperature. Amazing thing, it is. Needless to say, when I say that my coffee lasts me throughout the morning, it is piping hot until the last drop hours later. It wasn’t until around 15:00 that I ate a fried egg (75) and low-cal toast (45). The egg is cooked sunny-side up and I cut my soldiers into little squares. That held me over until about 18:30, when I ate dinner. This consisted of a wonderful salad made of: three ounces of green leaf lettuce (13), three ounces shredded jicama (32), one-quarter cup herbed feta (70), all tossed in one tablespoon salad dressing (12.5). The entrée was a four ounce grilled chicken breast (123), two-hundred grams steamed cauliflower (45) and one-third cup brown rice (73). The entire day consisted of 498.5 calories.

On a side note, I have discovered another benefit from this 5:2 lifestyle. During fasting days, my desire is to savour every single bite of food taken. This not only prolongs the mealtime but promotes that full feeling. Historically, my eating style could be summed up with two words: engulf & devour. However, I am making a conscious effort to carry this new eating habit into the feed days. It’s quite simple really. I take a bite of food, set my fork down and chew for several bites. After swallowing this highly masticated mess, I take a drink of water. I am being decidedly cognizant to slow down while eating. No more pre-loading my fork, no more chewing twice, then swallowing, no more shoveling food into my gullet, and no more being the first person done eating. It seems to be working and I am eating noticeably less food.

Now on to the results section. After today’s exercise, I came home and pensively hopped on the scale…135.4kg (298.5lbs)! I am finally below 136 kilos. It was been a while since these numbers showed up. I am well pleased.

Until we meet again.



One thought on “Bienvenue and Welcome – Week Fifteen begins

  1. Keep going Bobby! You are feeling the same feelings that I am experiencing and it’s nice to see that these are normal thoughts…or else we are very abnormal people! Thanks for the updates and allowing others to see your struggles and victories. At the end of every fast day I think, “I made it through another one! Yay for me!” And several times if I have over-indulged on non-fast days, I look FORWARD to the discipline of the fast days…amazing. We can do this.

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