As Week Fifteen Comes To A Close

I’m sitting here pleased as punch about discovering this 5:2 diet. You see, I am a foodie. I love to cook food and especially eat food. Junk food and sweets have never been that appealing and as I’ve said before, if given the choice between a plate of chocolate truffles or steamed broccoli covered in holandaise sauce, the broccoli would win every time. Therein lies the problem. The entire plateful of broccoli and all that delicious hollandaise sauce would be consumed, relatively quickly. All 3000 calories would be eaten as part of the days consumption. Now I’ve never been tempted with said challenge, but the thought of that broccoli is making my fasting day mouth salivate.

Back to the original point. Having been on this 5:2 diet for a few months now, I have been able to continue eating well. I’ve posted about the wonderful tabouleh and hummus, and last night for dinner, I ate a fantastic salad with sliced red bell pepper, shredded jicama, sun gold tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, toasted almonds and dried cranberries. It was wonderfully refreshing AND filling. I am eating less food, chewing slower and getting healthier.

The eating less food has become evident in the monthly food bill. Less money is being spent and with the cost of everything on the rise, this is a welcome outcome. That, along with losing almost two stone, should be enough. Another manifestation of eating less happened today.

The day started out with the usual exercise but I did not drink any coffee. No reason, just too lazy to make any. At noon, the usual egg (75) and toast (45) was consumed. I was hungrier by dinner and had 4.25oz grilled chicken breast (131), 100g steamed cauliflower (22.5), 150g grilled zucchini (22.5), and 1/3C brown rice (73). The salad was 3oz green leaf lettuce (13), 2oz red bell peppers (17), 1/4C herbed feta (70), and 1T salad dressing (12.5). Here is where the funny thing happened. I ate my veg, rice and three bites of chicken; I was full.  Full enough to put my salad in the fridge with the remaining chicken cut up on top to eat later.

Alrighty then,

I’m out of here.


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