It’s Week Sixteen Already?

Fasting today was a welcome event. As with many of the previous posts, this past weekend was not kind to me. Another way to put that: I probably ate more than I ought. When Monday rolls around, I feel like the prodigal son, returning home after a few nights of drunken debauchery. There was, however, no debauching done, simply an over-indulgence of my favorite pastime. Food. sigh.
It really is getting better, though. My excess has been drastically reduced to merely excess-lite and with any luck/self-discipline, this excess will continue to dwindle with each passing day/week/month.

With that in mind, today’s fasting menu was part penance, part snapping back into reality. My usual 2C black coffee (10) was consumed throughout the morning but I didn’t eat the fried egg (75) and toast (60) until around 14:00. Dinner was eaten at 17:30 and consisted of a 131g grilled chicken breast (142), 150g steamed cauliflower (34), with 150g grilled zucchini (22.5). This was accompanied by a 6oz green salad (30), gently tossed in 1T salad dressing (12.5). After only consuming 386 calories, I am remarkable satisfied and feel as though control, of what enters my mouth, is mine to be had.

Come the morrow, with great trepidation, shall I post the weigh-in results.


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