Week Twenty Begins with a Plop

What I mean by plop is that yesterday was a tough day. Not in fasting, sort of, but in emotional upheaval. I had some personal setbacks that I began to dwell upon. This is not a good thing to do, trust me. The chain reaction that this mind set propelled me towards was one of a deep funk. I ruminated on these problems as a cow chews her cud, over and over again. The more my mind twisted and turned, the deeper I fell. When the depression became unbearable, oh how I wanted to sooth it all away with the comfort of food. Can you see my dilemma unfolding? I wanted desperately to eat…and eat and eat but it was my fasting day! Moreover, if you haven’t read other entries, I am fasting with water only. There was no consumption of 600 calories on the horizon, just a glass of uninspiring water.

I didn’t realize, until yesterday, how much of an emotional eater I had become (or already was). I even went to the refrigerator, opened the door and looked inside for solace. It took every ounce of willpower to refrain from eating and while the spirit was willing, the flesh was quite weak. Noticing that the clock had pronounced itself as 6:00pm, I went to bed, curled up under the blankets and drifted off into blissful, yet hungry, escape.

I’m not certain if my feelings of anguish were exacerbated by the fast but today, being a feed day, those feelings are in no wise present. In any case, onward and downward.

As far as fasting with just consuming water, that has actually been a breeze. Not having to  be bothered with making, planning or thinking about dinner has been incredibly helpful in the ease with which to avoid food. Solely drinking water had me neither more nor less hungry than when consuming 500-600 kcals.

On a side note, since I upped the strenuousness of my workouts, I have reduced the number of days per week to three, instead of five. I began to loathe going to the gym, so instead of stopping, which I do not intend to have happen, I reduced the number of days. For all I’ve read on intermittent fasting, exercise does not play a significant role in the benefits of IF but there certainly are cardiovascular benefits that I wish to maintain.

Alrighty then, on the the weigh-in. As of this morning I weigh a whopping 132.7kg. That’s right, I’ve gained 140g but it seems to be my general trend; lose a good chunk, gain a little back. Overall, I am delighted with the results.

Here is a graph of my weight loss thus far. As you can see, if all continues the same I expect to be around 106kg by next spring.


Thank you for stopping by and as always, feel free to drop me a note.



Week Nineteen is Complete; Also, A Change is Coming

I know what you’re thinking. “Bob, it’s Friday. You forgot to post a blog on Thursday.” Well, yes. It is Friday but I also happen to be fasting today and not on the usual Thursday. Ah, the flexibility of 5:2ing. This is not, however, the change with which I speak. As some of you have read in my most recent blogs, I have gone over solely to drinking water on fasting days. This seems to be working quite well for me for a time.

Since I will not be relaying a fasting day menu, except water, I feel that blogging about my 5:2 journey once a week will suffice. So (drum roll please) the change that is noted in the title signifies that I will only be posting a new blog on Tuesdays. This way, I will be able to pack all of my failures, foibles and fortitude, plus the weigh in results, into one action packed affair.

Until then, I bid you adieu.


Week Nineteen Begins with Astonishment

Although it has only been four months since beginning this 5:2 journey, I am still amazed with the results of fasting on so many different levels. The simple act of not eating for one day has not only benefited me physically but mentally and even spiritually.

Having no health insurance, due to being unemployed, I have not been able to have any blood work done, which is a pity because I would have loved to see a before and after comparison. Since I cannot venture into the inner workings of my body, I must rely on measurement and weight loss. When I began this 5:2 lifestyle, 15 April 2013, I weighed in at 146.6 kg (323.1 lbs). With some minor fasting variations along the way (i.e., 4:3, less than 500-600 kcals, and liquid only), I have lost a stunning 14 kg (30.9 lbs). That’s right, I now weigh 132.5 kg (292.2 lbs)! Along with my weight loss, it appears that I have an new wardrobe. All of the shirts that had no longer fit, do so now. I even had to give away my pants, with the 42 inch waist, and purchase new pants with a 38 inch waist.

These results have been both physically and mentally beneficial but let me mention the spiritual aspect of fasting. As of late, I have been enjoying a liquid fast, specifically water, from the last meal on Sunday to the first meal on Tuesday and again from Wednesday to Friday. It is approximately thirty-six hours between meals. During that time of self denial, I have found that I am much more in tune with spiritual things. I won’t get all preachy here but let’s just say when I don’t have to feed my body, it seems that the time to feed my spirit is heightened. Instead of eating, I pray. It is that simple. As for an increased hunger, I have not found it to be any more or less than on the days when eating restricted calories.

That being said, performing a dietary recap of the previous fasting day is moot, as I drank water. I did have a cup of de-caf green tea last night because I was freezing but before I did, I made certain there were no calories. One of the side effects of this 5:2 diet is that I used to radiate heat like a furnace but now either my hands or feet are cold. Funny how that works.

I’ll be back sometime Thursday night to let you know if there are any further developments.

Au revoir,


Week Eighteen Done

I know that the 5:2 fasting programme is to consume 500-600 kcals (for men) on each fasting day but since last Monday’s liquid fast went so well, I thought I’d give that a go for a time.

While it’s only 2:30 in the afternoon, so things are subject to change, it appears that not having to concern myself with planning, preparing (measure & weigh), cooking, and tallying the calories for the fasting day meal may be easier than doing so. As for the pangs of hunger, I can’t imagine they will be worse than when food is eaten, we will see.

What I discovered, on normal fasting days, was that anticipation of the main evening meal increased my hunger and irritability incrementally as time to eat drew nigh. It stands to reason that removal of said pesky meals will alleviate their anticipation. Again, we’ll see.

What else is streamlined is the reciting of today’s calorie consumption. I drank 1.5C black coffee (7.5) this morning, and while some don’t count calories in coffee, I do. For the rest of the day, it will be good ole H2O. There, recitation is complete and 7.5 calories have been consumed. 

Until Tuesday.




Week Eighteen – aka My Four Month Anniversary

That’s right, it’s been four months. Well technically, it will be in two days but who’s counting, right?

So, I have a confession. Sunday night/early Monday morning, I fell back into an old bad habit. I was up late online and got hungry (sound familiar?), so instead of drinking some water or herbal tea or going to bed, I ate.

The first item eaten was a slice of buttered bread with a thick layer of peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam. About ten minutes later, it was back into the kitchen for another slice of bread. This time it was mayo, horseradish cream and three slices of ham but before I put the ham away, I managed to eat two more slices, straight from the bag, with just horseradish sauce.
About ten minutes later, back into the kitchen for some tortilla chips. About fifteen chips are in one serving and if put into a bowl, sticking to one serving is not a problem. Is this what I did? Of course not. With a full 680g bag in hand, it was back to the compy.

Have you ever started eating something and just couldn’t stop? It came to the point where I was just chewing food until the taste was somewhat disgusting. I had to physically remove the over half eaten bag away from me.

Now for the fun part. I woke up the next morning and went off to exercise. About half way through my regular routine I began to feel quite nauseous; I mean, ready to throw up nauseous. It’s like my body, after eating so well these past four months, was sending me a clear signal that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated any longer.

All that was the reason I felt the need to do a liquid fast on Monday. I drank my usual fasting day black coffee, 2C for (10cal), and water. For dinner I had a nice cup of decaf green tea. I feel that a complete fast was the least I could do for my poor abused body. And maybe, just maybe, I will remember this feeling and NEVER do that again.

Oh ya, today is a weigh in day and I now weigh 133.1kg. After four months of this 5:2 WoL, I’ve lost 13.4kg (29.6lbs) total! I have never been more pleased with my healthy eating choices, except for Sunday night.

Thanks again for stopping by and let’s do this again on Thursday, shall we?


Week Seventeen Is Complete

All in all, this has been a good week. Good in the sense that my food consumption seemed fairly under control. There was the occasional late night snack but these are becoming fewer and farther between.

Instead of the usual Thursday fasting day, this weeks second fast was postponed until Friday; Dinner guests and all. One of the beauties of the 5:2 is the flexibility.

I have a slight headache while composing this post but it may be attributed to drinking no coffee today. As a coffee addict, headaches can be a symptom of withdrawal. They’re not severe, just there.

Recalling today, I had nothing to eat until dinner and throughout the day, I was toying with the idea of doing a total fast but since the chicken was already defrosted, what the heck. So you can see that the main entree was chicken. 5oz grilled (154cal) with 150g steamed green beans (53), 100g steamed snow peas (42), and 100g grilled yellow squash (20). Summer in the Pacific Northwest offers a bounty of garden fresh veg, and that is what all of the above were. Quite delightful. I was going to stop with that, as it was a large plateful of food but an hour or so later, I got a bit peckish, so I had a salad and an ice lolly. The salad was 85g mixed baby greens (20), 1T salad dressing (12.5), and 1/4C herbed feta (80). The lolly is called an Helado fruit bar for just 30 calories. The entire days caloric intake was 411 calories.

Just a side note: while writing this post, I consumed about a litre of water and my headache seems to have subsided. Maybe dehydration was the culprit and not coffee.

Anyway, it’s off to bed not. Ta-ta and we’ll see you again on Tuesday.


And Here We Go Again! Week Seventeen, Coming At You.

Yesterday’s fast day went swimmingly; no bumps, bruises, or other set-backs. As I’ve stated before, this WOL is so refreshing. Many of us have felt that ‘out-of-control’ feeling with our eating and would often wonder how will we ever regain that control. I’m here to say that control is ours to be had and 5:2 is the answer. Although eating well on feed days has become an easily attainable goal, it is not always reached. Take this weekend, for example. There were moments where those familiar out of control feelings were drawing nigh, but along comes a fasting day and the wrongs are righted.

Firstly, as I promised Juliana, here are the pictures of Friday nights falafel feast. It was with all the trimmings and it was fantastic. Everything was made from scratch, except the chipotle peppers and the breads, flat and pita.

cooking falafels (for blog) falafel plate (for blog) falafel fixins 01 (for blog) falafel dinner (for blog)

Just looking at these pictures is making me quite hungry. 🙂

Enough reminiscing about delicious meals gone by. Allow me, however, to mention one thing. This meal WILL happen again.

On to the fasting day menu. Brekky was the usual 0.5L of black coffee. It sounds like much less saying 2 cups (10cal). For lunch it was a fried egg (75cal), a slice of dry low-cal toast (45), along with 2 sun gold cherry tomatoes (6cal). Dinner consisted of a 120.5g grilled chicken breast, 85g steamed green beans (haricot verts) (30cal), 100g boiled cabbage (23cal), and 200g grilled crookneck squash (40cal).  Here is a picture of a 223 calorie meal. Quite filling.


Desert, yes I ate desert, was a cherry Danon Light & Fit Greek yogurt (80cal). Total caloric intake was 439 kcal.

Finally, on to the weigh in. After a rather precarious weekend, I now weigh 134.2kg (295.8lbs). It’s only down 300g but it’s still down. My goal for now is to lose another 21kg. My surgeon said that would be a good weight for my build but we’ll see when we arrive. According to that bloody BMI, I’d still be obese at 113. Again, we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by.