And Here We Go Again! Week Seventeen, Coming At You.

Yesterday’s fast day went swimmingly; no bumps, bruises, or other set-backs. As I’ve stated before, this WOL is so refreshing. Many of us have felt that ‘out-of-control’ feeling with our eating and would often wonder how will we ever regain that control. I’m here to say that control is ours to be had and 5:2 is the answer. Although eating well on feed days has become an easily attainable goal, it is not always reached. Take this weekend, for example. There were moments where those familiar out of control feelings were drawing nigh, but along comes a fasting day and the wrongs are righted.

Firstly, as I promised Juliana, here are the pictures of Friday nights falafel feast. It was with all the trimmings and it was fantastic. Everything was made from scratch, except the chipotle peppers and the breads, flat and pita.

cooking falafels (for blog) falafel plate (for blog) falafel fixins 01 (for blog) falafel dinner (for blog)

Just looking at these pictures is making me quite hungry. 🙂

Enough reminiscing about delicious meals gone by. Allow me, however, to mention one thing. This meal WILL happen again.

On to the fasting day menu. Brekky was the usual 0.5L of black coffee. It sounds like much less saying 2 cups (10cal). For lunch it was a fried egg (75cal), a slice of dry low-cal toast (45), along with 2 sun gold cherry tomatoes (6cal). Dinner consisted of a 120.5g grilled chicken breast, 85g steamed green beans (haricot verts) (30cal), 100g boiled cabbage (23cal), and 200g grilled crookneck squash (40cal).  Here is a picture of a 223 calorie meal. Quite filling.


Desert, yes I ate desert, was a cherry Danon Light & Fit Greek yogurt (80cal). Total caloric intake was 439 kcal.

Finally, on to the weigh in. After a rather precarious weekend, I now weigh 134.2kg (295.8lbs). It’s only down 300g but it’s still down. My goal for now is to lose another 21kg. My surgeon said that would be a good weight for my build but we’ll see when we arrive. According to that bloody BMI, I’d still be obese at 113. Again, we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “And Here We Go Again! Week Seventeen, Coming At You.

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. Yum Yum Yum The chipotle hommous has me intrigued. Did you make that ?

    Im making hommous today and got the chickpeas soaking. I do the chickpeas in the pressure cooker so its really quick. Its to accompany charcoal chicken from a local shop that just opened up. Nothing like the proper charcoal chicken.. the one with the blackened skin, Lebanese style.

    re your comment “It’s only down 300g but it’s still down.” . thats the way. it doesnt matter if its a tiny drop as all the drops add up and you will reach your goal weight for certain.


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