Week Seventeen Is Complete

All in all, this has been a good week. Good in the sense that my food consumption seemed fairly under control. There was the occasional late night snack but these are becoming fewer and farther between.

Instead of the usual Thursday fasting day, this weeks second fast was postponed until Friday; Dinner guests and all. One of the beauties of the 5:2 is the flexibility.

I have a slight headache while composing this post but it may be attributed to drinking no coffee today. As a coffee addict, headaches can be a symptom of withdrawal. They’re not severe, just there.

Recalling today, I had nothing to eat until dinner and throughout the day, I was toying with the idea of doing a total fast but since the chicken was already defrosted, what the heck. So you can see that the main entree was chicken. 5oz grilled (154cal) with 150g steamed green beans (53), 100g steamed snow peas (42), and 100g grilled yellow squash (20). Summer in the Pacific Northwest offers a bounty of garden fresh veg, and that is what all of the above were. Quite delightful. I was going to stop with that, as it was a large plateful of food but an hour or so later, I got a bit peckish, so I had a salad and an ice lolly. The salad was 85g mixed baby greens (20), 1T salad dressing (12.5), and 1/4C herbed feta (80). The lolly is called an Helado fruit bar for just 30 calories. The entire days caloric intake was 411 calories.

Just a side note: while writing this post, I consumed about a litre of water and my headache seems to have subsided. Maybe dehydration was the culprit and not coffee.

Anyway, it’s off to bed not. Ta-ta and we’ll see you again on Tuesday.



4 thoughts on “Week Seventeen Is Complete

  1. Hi Bob! I came across your blog on the 5:2 forum. Appears we started around the same time! (I’ve lost 10.5 lbs. to date.) Good to see how a fellow foodie is getting on with this plan!

  2. Hi Bob, we really enjoyed watching the show about the 5:2 plan. Louie are I are starting tomorrow. We had to go grocery shopping today in preparation. I read all through your blog today and I really enjoy your writing style. And oh, Louie and I would love an invite for falafel night!! 🙂

    • It was nice to have you two over.

      I truly wish that more people would come around to eating this way. Like Dr. Mosley said, “Fasting is the first thing I’ve come across that I genuinely believe that if people were to take it up, it could radically transform the nation’s health.”

      As for falafels, maybe this upcoming week? I’ll message you on FB.

  3. Im a coffee addict too. But at least its proper expresso and not the instant stuff. I cant imagine boiled water put through coffee beans can be bad for you as its all natural isnt it ?

    Without my usual 3 or 4 cups (small ones) even on fast days, I definitely get a headache. I think from a fasting point of view its fine isnt it?. I add only a teaspoon of milk.

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