Week Eighteen – aka My Four Month Anniversary

That’s right, it’s been four months. Well technically, it will be in two days but who’s counting, right?

So, I have a confession. Sunday night/early Monday morning, I fell back into an old bad habit. I was up late online and got hungry (sound familiar?), so instead of drinking some water or herbal tea or going to bed, I ate.

The first item eaten was a slice of buttered bread with a thick layer of peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam. About ten minutes later, it was back into the kitchen for another slice of bread. This time it was mayo, horseradish cream and three slices of ham but before I put the ham away, I managed to eat two more slices, straight from the bag, with just horseradish sauce.
About ten minutes later, back into the kitchen for some tortilla chips. About fifteen chips are in one serving and if put into a bowl, sticking to one serving is not a problem. Is this what I did? Of course not. With a full 680g bag in hand, it was back to the compy.

Have you ever started eating something and just couldn’t stop? It came to the point where I was just chewing food until the taste was somewhat disgusting. I had to physically remove the over half eaten bag away from me.

Now for the fun part. I woke up the next morning and went off to exercise. About half way through my regular routine I began to feel quite nauseous; I mean, ready to throw up nauseous. It’s like my body, after eating so well these past four months, was sending me a clear signal that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated any longer.

All that was the reason I felt the need to do a liquid fast on Monday. I drank my usual fasting day black coffee, 2C for (10cal), and water. For dinner I had a nice cup of decaf green tea. I feel that a complete fast was the least I could do for my poor abused body. And maybe, just maybe, I will remember this feeling and NEVER do that again.

Oh ya, today is a weigh in day and I now weigh 133.1kg. After four months of this 5:2 WoL, I’ve lost 13.4kg (29.6lbs) total! I have never been more pleased with my healthy eating choices, except for Sunday night.

Thanks again for stopping by and let’s do this again on Thursday, shall we?



3 thoughts on “Week Eighteen – aka My Four Month Anniversary

  1. Lollipops. I know it sounds crazy, but when I get the munchies a lollipop works really well. It takes forever to finish one, and they don’t have that many calories.

    • Hi there FF. My only concern with lollipops are that they are solely made of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. I’m trying my best to avoid sugar.

      Click here

      This 14 minute expose is eye opening, and frightening.

  2. Naughty Bobby re Sunday night!!!! but you did well the next day so all is forgiven for bad behaviour.

    re 4 month total loss… well done!!!! congratz and keep the enthusiasm going.

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