Week Eighteen Done

I know that the 5:2 fasting programme is to consume 500-600 kcals (for men) on each fasting day but since last Monday’s liquid fast went so well, I thought I’d give that a go for a time.

While it’s only 2:30 in the afternoon, so things are subject to change, it appears that not having to concern myself with planning, preparing (measure & weigh), cooking, and tallying the calories for the fasting day meal may be easier than doing so. As for the pangs of hunger, I can’t imagine they will be worse than when food is eaten, we will see.

What I discovered, on normal fasting days, was that anticipation of the main evening meal increased my hunger and irritability incrementally as time to eat drew nigh. It stands to reason that removal of said pesky meals will alleviate their anticipation. Again, we’ll see.

What else is streamlined is the reciting of today’s calorie consumption. I drank 1.5C black coffee (7.5) this morning, and while some don’t count calories in coffee, I do. For the rest of the day, it will be good ole H2O. There, recitation is complete and 7.5 calories have been consumed. 

Until Tuesday.





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