Week Nineteen Begins with Astonishment

Although it has only been four months since beginning this 5:2 journey, I am still amazed with the results of fasting on so many different levels. The simple act of not eating for one day has not only benefited me physically but mentally and even spiritually.

Having no health insurance, due to being unemployed, I have not been able to have any blood work done, which is a pity because I would have loved to see a before and after comparison. Since I cannot venture into the inner workings of my body, I must rely on measurement and weight loss. When I began this 5:2 lifestyle, 15 April 2013, I weighed in at 146.6 kg (323.1 lbs). With some minor fasting variations along the way (i.e., 4:3, less than 500-600 kcals, and liquid only), I have lost a stunning 14 kg (30.9 lbs). That’s right, I now weigh 132.5 kg (292.2 lbs)! Along with my weight loss, it appears that I have an new wardrobe. All of the shirts that had no longer fit, do so now. I even had to give away my pants, with the 42 inch waist, and purchase new pants with a 38 inch waist.

These results have been both physically and mentally beneficial but let me mention the spiritual aspect of fasting. As of late, I have been enjoying a liquid fast, specifically water, from the last meal on Sunday to the first meal on Tuesday and again from Wednesday to Friday. It is approximately thirty-six hours between meals. During that time of self denial, I have found that I am much more in tune with spiritual things. I won’t get all preachy here but let’s just say when I don’t have to feed my body, it seems that the time to feed my spirit is heightened. Instead of eating, I pray. It is that simple. As for an increased hunger, I have not found it to be any more or less than on the days when eating restricted calories.

That being said, performing a dietary recap of the previous fasting day is moot, as I drank water. I did have a cup of de-caf green tea last night because I was freezing but before I did, I made certain there were no calories. One of the side effects of this 5:2 diet is that I used to radiate heat like a furnace but now either my hands or feet are cold. Funny how that works.

I’ll be back sometime Thursday night to let you know if there are any further developments.

Au revoir,



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