Week Twenty Begins with a Plop

What I mean by plop is that yesterday was a tough day. Not in fasting, sort of, but in emotional upheaval. I had some personal setbacks that I began to dwell upon. This is not a good thing to do, trust me. The chain reaction that this mind set propelled me towards was one of a deep funk. I ruminated on these problems as a cow chews her cud, over and over again. The more my mind twisted and turned, the deeper I fell. When the depression became unbearable, oh how I wanted to sooth it all away with the comfort of food. Can you see my dilemma unfolding? I wanted desperately to eat…and eat and eat but it was my fasting day! Moreover, if you haven’t read other entries, I am fasting with water only. There was no consumption of 600 calories on the horizon, just a glass of uninspiring water.

I didn’t realize, until yesterday, how much of an emotional eater I had become (or already was). I even went to the refrigerator, opened the door and looked inside for solace. It took every ounce of willpower to refrain from eating and while the spirit was willing, the flesh was quite weak. Noticing that the clock had pronounced itself as 6:00pm, I went to bed, curled up under the blankets and drifted off into blissful, yet hungry, escape.

I’m not certain if my feelings of anguish were exacerbated by the fast but today, being a feed day, those feelings are in no wise present. In any case, onward and downward.

As far as fasting with just consuming water, that has actually been a breeze. Not having to  be bothered with making, planning or thinking about dinner has been incredibly helpful in the ease with which to avoid food. Solely drinking water had me neither more nor less hungry than when consuming 500-600 kcals.

On a side note, since I upped the strenuousness of my workouts, I have reduced the number of days per week to three, instead of five. I began to loathe going to the gym, so instead of stopping, which I do not intend to have happen, I reduced the number of days. For all I’ve read on intermittent fasting, exercise does not play a significant role in the benefits of IF but there certainly are cardiovascular benefits that I wish to maintain.

Alrighty then, on the the weigh-in. As of this morning I weigh a whopping 132.7kg. That’s right, I’ve gained 140g but it seems to be my general trend; lose a good chunk, gain a little back. Overall, I am delighted with the results.

Here is a graph of my weight loss thus far. As you can see, if all continues the same I expect to be around 106kg by next spring.


Thank you for stopping by and as always, feel free to drop me a note.




5 thoughts on “Week Twenty Begins with a Plop

  1. Hi Ashley and JoAnne. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me these nice comments. I’m doing much better today. When I do get in a funk, which is rare, it does not stick around too long. I’m far too blessed to be in a perpetual depression. Every once in a while though.
    I’m actually glad it happened on a fast day. I could have done some real damage. lol

  2. Bring on Spring! what an impressive chart you have!

    Glad you seemed to recover quickly form the “emotional upheaval” or as you call it “get in a funk” not a phrase im familiar with though I think sometimes i live in a rock (in front of my screen too much)

    Still havent posted that soup recipe of mine. Maybe ive been “in a funk” too. a bit

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