Into Week 24 We Go

This is going to be a rather short update but first, sorry it took so long for me to post. Today was rather hectic, in a good way.

A good way because my weight continues to drop. Although there was just a slight loss (360g) this past week, I am currently 10 grams short of losing a total of 15 kilos! Keeping track of everything on Excel has definite advantages. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can see that the average weight loss is 600g per week. If this trend continues, by next April, I will have lost over 30 kilos. Brilliant!

Now I know that I’ve been telling you that I am on a liquid only fast, which is true on all my recent fasting days save last Thursday. I made a Borscht recipe that is only 113 kcals per 455g (16oz). It turned out very nice and one bowl was plenty for me. I didn’t take any pictures but I did write down the recipe. I’ll post it below if your interested.

Cheers and Happy fasting.


Borscht recipe

50 Fasting Days, Huzzah

For those of you math whizzes, relax and step away from your abacus. As you may have noticed (or didn’t), this is the beginning of my twenty-third week. And since 22 weeks x 2 fast days per week + 1 fast day yesterday = 45 fasting days, you might be asking yourself, “Self, how does this add up to 50 fasting days?”. Good question. To spare you from the drudgery of looking at all of my previous posts and tallying up the days, I’ll tell you. There were some weeks where I indulged in a 4:3 routine. I promise. There is no slight of hand here.

With the air cleared, I’ll tell you about my week. While I was remiss in getting to the gym, I compensated for my non-elliptical days by working for a friend. My task was to revamp his drainage system. I spent an entire week digging trenches, shoveling gravel, laying pipe, filling trenches, and laying sod. This past weeks workouts were better than using the gym but I sure don’t want to that too often; it would be prudent to save these jobs for younger lads.

No change as far as eating goes. It seems as though I am eating too much during feed days but without counting calories, it’s hard to tell. My liquid only fasting days have been largely uneventful. Both Thursday and Monday began with 2 C of black coffee, and Monday afternoon I enjoyed a nice cup of tea with a packet of Splenda.

Sorry, but it took me until the afternoon to be able to weigh in. I’ve had an egg on toast and a cup of coffee for brekky, however, I still lost weight. Huzzah again. I am now an even 132kg. This is a loss of 1.2 kilos since last week and 14.5 kilos total.



Week Twenty-Two aka WHAT THE HECK??

I’ll get right to the point; this past week I have gained 820 grams. This fills me with many differing emotions. The emotional me yells out, “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, COME ON!” The more rational side says, “slow and steady wins the race.” My emotional side wants to slap the shit out of my rational side but , cooler heads prevail, right? I’m really not discouraged, as I have still lost over 2 stone. However, these ever present, pesky upswings in weight sure do suck. This has me second guessing the liquid only fasts, which I have been doing for the past nine fasting days.

It was this past Sunday that I have the epiphany. My eating habits have changed since doing the liquid only fasting. While consuming the 500-600 kcals, during the fast days, I had the desire to savour each bite taken. Food was cut into smaller pieces, utensils set down whilst chewing, bites thoroughly masticated, water was had between bites, and I ate at a far more relaxed pace. This new found eating technique began to spill over into feed days and I found myself eating, not only slower, but less as well. Eating slower gives one a more sated feeling sooner than the usual huge bite, chew three times, swallow, repeat. When eating slower, I have time to listen to my body tell me that it is not hungry anymore. In contrast, when inhaling my food, I’m done eating before most of it has even reached my stomach. This causes that well known “full-bloated” feeling. Having resorted to not eating on fasting days, I appears that I have reverted back to old eating habits. This came to light as I finished scarfing down a meal, then without thinking said my classic line “Don’t worry, I’ll burp and taste it later.”

Maybe it’s psychological, but having not eaten for 30+ hours, I REALLY want to eat. So much so, that I think I over eat. So my plan will be to continue with the liquid only fasting until the end of September. That will have been 15 fasting days of only liquid, and by liquid I mean water, with the occasional black coffee or black tea.

Alrighty then, ever onward and downward.

Yours truly,


Wow! Twenty-One Weeks Already

Time certainly passes by quickly. Although, when I first began this 5:2 journey, it seemed as though the days passed ever so slowly. Now the fasting days arrive and pass with nary a thought; it has become a way of life. Granted, some fasting days are easier than others but in general, they have lost their daunting aura.

Having been alternately fasting for four and one-half months, I have taken certain liberties. These liberties include certain variations on the theme. According to Dr. Mosley’s version of the 5:2, I should consume 500-600 kcal twice a week. His recommendation is to do this on Monday and Thursday. Well, just as I rarely follow recipes, I began to play, tweak if you will, this 5:2 concept. At first I followed this prescription to the letter and strictly ate between 500 and 600 kcals, with the occasional dip below 500 and the rare occurrence of exceeding 600 (this happened twice). This pattern continued for about ten weeks and shortly after that I discovered that eating this much was slightly forced. What I mean by forced is that I consumed 1/3C of brown rice with dinner, simply to raise my caloric intake. I soon dropped the rice. It wasn’t long until eating between 300-400 kcals, on fasting days, became the norm. This continued for around eight weeks, until I read about liquid only fasts. The first two liquid only fasts began the day with a cup of black coffee, followed only by water. These fasts quickly progressed (or digressed) to include water only, which were the sum of the last five fasting days. Doing water only fasts have been easier than planning, weighing, measuring, and counting calories, for me anyway. And as I have previously written, the feelings of hunger are virtually indistinguishable from days when I was restricting calories.

What I was hoping to accomplish by water only fasting was an increased drop in weight. I have found this to not be the case. If there are any other internal results from liquid fasting, I will continue to search the web to find them. In the mean time, I’ll continue with water only fasting until I tire of it. This may be coming sooner than later, because I am already thinking of preparing fasting meals (soups and such), on feed days, so heating the fasting meal is all the preparation required. Thinking ahead, I might go through the month of September with water, then switch to the prepared meal variation. We’ll see what happens and then to which variation is ultimately adhered to. I still have the 16:8 to try.

Now it’s on to why most of us picked this up in the first place, the scale. As with any diet, this instrument can be either friend or foe, depending upon those three numbers shown to us. These numbers reflect so many things, from our commitment andĀ self-discipline to our over-indulgence and self-destruction. Weighing in weekly has some definite psychological pros and cons. The pros, in this instant gratification life we lead, can show a drop of 1, 2 or more kilos. With these results, we are elated. Conversely, when we enter a seemingly endless plateau or God forbid gain 500g, the depression that accompanies can be simply overwhelming and quite devastating. I am thankful to have graphed my weight loss progression, because we can easily get caught up looking at the trees instead of stepping back to look at the forest. Now, as I stare blankly at a tree, the results of today’s weigh-in shows a paltry 270g loss. As I said, fasting with only water, I expected more. While an accomplishment nonetheless, it can still be frustrating at such a slow pace. It is now that I need to step back and take a holistic look at my weight loss. When I first stepped on the scale at the beginning of this 5:2 experience, I was a whopping 146.6kg. Twenty-one weeks later, I am a whopping 132.4kg. While there is still plenty to lose, there has been a 14.2kg loss in my weight. What’s better yet, I don’t feel desperate at how this weight is going to stay off. 5:2 is literally a life saver.

As always, feel free to post a comment. While I may not always respond, I read each and every one. They are a welcome and much needed encouragement. A special thanks goes to Juliana. Your encouragement here and your insightful (and often comical) posts on the site have proven to be positively refreshing.

See you next week.