Week Twenty-Two aka WHAT THE HECK??

I’ll get right to the point; this past week I have gained 820 grams. This fills me with many differing emotions. The emotional me yells out, “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, COME ON!” The more rational side says, “slow and steady wins the race.” My emotional side wants to slap the shit out of my rational side but , cooler heads prevail, right? I’m really not discouraged, as I have still lost over 2 stone. However, these ever present, pesky upswings in weight sure do suck. This has me second guessing the liquid only fasts, which I have been doing for the past nine fasting days.

It was this past Sunday that I have the epiphany. My eating habits have changed since doing the liquid only fasting. While consuming the 500-600 kcals, during the fast days, I had the desire to savour each bite taken. Food was cut into smaller pieces, utensils set down whilst chewing, bites thoroughly masticated, water was had between bites, and I ate at a far more relaxed pace. This new found eating technique began to spill over into feed days and I found myself eating, not only slower, but less as well. Eating slower gives one a more sated feeling sooner than the usual huge bite, chew three times, swallow, repeat. When eating slower, I have time to listen to my body tell me that it is not hungry anymore. In contrast, when inhaling my food, I’m done eating before most of it has even reached my stomach. This causes that well known “full-bloated” feeling. Having resorted to not eating on fasting days, I appears that I have reverted back to old eating habits. This came to light as I finished scarfing down a meal, then without thinking said my classic line “Don’t worry, I’ll burp and taste it later.”

Maybe it’s psychological, but having not eaten for 30+ hours, I REALLY want to eat. So much so, that I think I over eat. So my plan will be to continue with the liquid only fasting until the end of September. That will have been 15 fasting days of only liquid, and by liquid I mean water, with the occasional black coffee or black tea.

Alrighty then, ever onward and downward.

Yours truly,



4 thoughts on “Week Twenty-Two aka WHAT THE HECK??

  1. Hi Bob,
    Sorry to hear about the weight gain. Louie and I have not weighed yet this week, as we were out camping for several days. Our fasting days this week will be Wednesday and Friday. However, last week, I lost no weight and Louie gained 2 pounds. Louie doesn’t really mind, but I was bummed. We can both see drastic differences in how are clothes fit, so progress is being made. We intend for this to be a life long endeavor. So in order to not get depressed about the occassional no weight loss days and to fully appreciate the other health benefits, I am going to only weigh myself at the one month mark when we do our measurements. We started on Aug. 13th, so we plan on measuring this Sat. after our Friday fast day. Wish us luck!
    Thanks again for turning us on to this!!!

  2. I’m feeling for you Bob! It’s so much to do with the mind. Keep strong and eat slowly! Thanks for sharing the good and the bad, that’s what makes it real! You’re doing a great job of encouraging even if you think the results this time are not what you expected, it’s your commitment and resolve that shine through. Keep going!

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