50 Fasting Days, Huzzah

For those of you math whizzes, relax and step away from your abacus. As you may have noticed (or didn’t), this is the beginning of my twenty-third week. And since 22 weeks x 2 fast days per week + 1 fast day yesterday = 45 fasting days, you might be asking yourself, “Self, how does this add up to 50 fasting days?”. Good question. To spare you from the drudgery of looking at all of my previous posts and tallying up the days, I’ll tell you. There were some weeks where I indulged in a 4:3 routine. I promise. There is no slight of hand here.

With the air cleared, I’ll tell you about my week. While I was remiss in getting to the gym, I compensated for my non-elliptical days by working for a friend. My task was to revamp his drainage system. I spent an entire week digging trenches, shoveling gravel, laying pipe, filling trenches, and laying sod. This past weeks workouts were better than using the gym but I sure don’t want to that too often; it would be prudent to save these jobs for younger lads.

No change as far as eating goes. It seems as though I am eating too much during feed days but without counting calories, it’s hard to tell. My liquid only fasting days have been largely uneventful. Both Thursday and Monday began with 2 C of black coffee, and Monday afternoon I enjoyed a nice cup of tea with a packet of Splenda.

Sorry, but it took me until the afternoon to be able to weigh in. I’ve had an egg on toast and a cup of coffee for brekky, however, I still lost weight. Huzzah again. I am now an even 132kg. This is a loss of 1.2 kilos since last week and 14.5 kilos total.




3 thoughts on “50 Fasting Days, Huzzah

  1. Keep going Bobby! Your posts are right where I am most days! I’ve lost 14 lbs. after a weight loss a couple years ago of 60 lbs. and then a maintaining for two years. I still need to finish and lose about 30 more lbs. Your struggles are my struggles. And yet, I know that I want to age well and feel as healthy as I am able. I’m keeping on this plan because it makes sense…thanks for your encouragement to all of us. We can do this!!!

  2. 14.5 is excellent! Another 50 fasts and who knows how slim and trim you will be!

    Your blog is my mid week inspiration.

    My sis announced a 12kg loss as of yesterday (she weighs herself monthly so boy this diet is “not just a fad”

  3. Thank you so much for making this blog. It is so very motivational for me. I have been on the 5:2 for one full week. I had been wondering how well others had done on this in the long term. You blog answered that and encouraged me to keep moving on ward and down ward!

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