Into Week 24 We Go

This is going to be a rather short update but first, sorry it took so long for me to post. Today was rather hectic, in a good way.

A good way because my weight continues to drop. Although there was just a slight loss (360g) this past week, I am currently 10 grams short of losing a total of 15 kilos! Keeping track of everything on Excel has definite advantages. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can see that the average weight loss is 600g per week. If this trend continues, by next April, I will have lost over 30 kilos. Brilliant!

Now I know that I’ve been telling you that I am on a liquid only fast, which is true on all my recent fasting days save last Thursday. I made a Borscht recipe that is only 113 kcals per 455g (16oz). It turned out very nice and one bowl was plenty for me. I didn’t take any pictures but I did write down the recipe. I’ll post it below if your interested.

Cheers and Happy fasting.


Borscht recipe


2 thoughts on “Into Week 24 We Go

  1. You’re doing so well! This recipe looks interesting too!
    Do you use a calorie counter, and which one do you use? Have you heard of Myfitnesspal ?
    I’ve been using the app and it’s easy and helps a lot. You can even work out your own recipes and record them. I love it!

  2. Borscht yum! – old family favourite. i didnt think it was low calorie till now so what a good idea for the bunch of beets i bought on the weekend.

    Bob.. your nearly half way there! whoop whoop!

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