25 Weeks in – Almost Half a Year

Have you ever encountered a “lost weekend” where you knew that you had eaten way too much food? Well that would describe the past few days. I met up with some dear friends in Seattle Washington and proceeded to eat. Beginning on Friday evening and finishing Sunday evening, there was an impressive amount of food consumed. From the Serious Pie that was seriously fantastic, to Ivar’s Seafood buffet, and even Taco Bell. That’s right, Taco Bell. You know that signal, which is sent to your brain from your stomach, telling you when you’ve had enough to eat. I think mine was broken. I didn’t eat until I was sick but I did eat until just this side of sick. It’s funny when I think back on my grandiose plan of weighing in on Tuesday, in order to keep me in check throughout the weekend. That went straight out the window this past weekend. To be perfectly honest, I think that I consumed a weeks worth of calories in less than three full days. Oh well, back into the saddle I go.

To say that I was more than pensive, about getting onto the scale, is surely the understatement of the month but hop on I did. And much to my horror/chagrin/amusement, I gained a whopping 1.2kg. Looking back at my weight loss progress, I’ve spent six weeks moving from 144 to 140, six weeks from 140 to 136 but it has been eleven weeks in going from 136 to 132. If I remember correctly, I spent quite some time around this weight while I was on my way up, so I think my body is used to being here. I’ll call this a plateau of sorts. Since this is a lifestyle, we’ll just take it in stride. My next hurdle will be a two-week holiday in November. I will not be fasting on those two weeks and am ready to pay the price.

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3 thoughts on “25 Weeks in – Almost Half a Year

  1. Hi Bob,
    A few weeks ago, I had a diet holiday for one week, and I gained 1.5kg! Even though I had made a conscious decision to not diet for that period, it was so hard to get over the weight gain and get back on track.
    Once I did, after a couple of days of falling off, within the next week of 2 500 calorie fasting days, and 5 1200 calorie days, I weighed less than I did before I went away! The hard part is making yourself get back on and having the self discipline to keep to the plan!
    I don’t think it hurts to have a break once in a while, as long as you can nip the cravings in the bud when you get home!
    I’m sure you’ll be under what you were sooner than you think!
    Good luck with the 2 week break in November!

  2. I think despite our overall desire (and need) to have some strict control in our diet and eating behaviour, we should also bear in mind that life is for living and enjoying, and sharing food with the friends and family every now and then,even if it an entire weekend, week or even fortnight is really all perfectly ok and should be done without guilt or fear.

    from what i read on the forums and Liz’s reply it seems 5-2 or other I.F. behaviour allows our bodies to quickly recover or negate the bad bits of our “naughty behaviour”

    Of course, if we do it day by day week by week, we are in for trouble but i think a holiday from 5:2 and even > TDEE by lots is quite OK.

    So enjoy the good times!

  3. Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement, Liz and Juliana.

    Since this is a way of life, ups and downs will be normal. I certainly don’t feel guilty for having eaten my way through Seattle. It was fabulous! 🙂

    It is so easy to get right back on track. I’m sitting here, having just finished two bowls of yummy borscht, deeply content with my fasting day gone by.

    It seems that the biggest reason for my weight gain is eating salty foods. I tend to hold onto the water longer. It isn’t a long term problem because it’s gone in a day or two.

    Above all, I’m simply tickled at how my weight is going down and staying down.

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