One-Half Year!!!

It is amazing how our mind plays tricks on us. We first begin an adventure, half pensive, half excited, and half uncertain (it’s new math) but one thing is for sure, time appears to go slower at the beginning. Let me explain chronologically. I watched Dr. Mosley’s Horizon programme on Saturday. Sunday there was the initial preparation, i.e., meal planning, starting this blog, and getting mentally prepared, then came the big day; Fasting day one. Ta-da! Well, that was easy. Fasting day two, aka “One Week Done.” However, time was moving at a snail’s pace; fasting day three … fasting day four … week two done; five fasting days … six fasting days … week three was complete. Finally the one month mark came along with the successful completion of eight fasting days, along with the loss of 3.1kg! This thing is working!! As time progressed, things seemed to move faster. Instead of counting each fasting day, weeks were tallied. Not soon after, fasting days came up rather suddenly and the week was already over. Weeks turn into months and BOOM, it has been six months and before I knew it, this adventure had been integrated into my life.

Not being one to leave well enough alone, I have ‘played’ with this 5:2 diet along the way; modified if you will. There were a few weeks of 4:3, a month or so of coming in well below the 500-600 kcal mark, and most recently, a month of consuming solely water on the fasting days. All these modifications did nothing for me as far as weight loss was concerned. In fact, the past month of liquid only fasting days has affected me more negatively than positive. Thinking back with speculation, liquid only fasting may have been too much of a deprivation and feed days became more, necessary or emphasized, if you will. Instead of savouring and enjoying meals, old habits crept back and the ravenous beastie reappeared. At the risk of being redundant all over again, I must mention how eating on fasting days affected my eating on feed days. Since food is scarce on fasting days, there is great delight in each and every bite taken. Dinnertime became a slow paced relaxed atmosphere, rather than forks, lips and jaws moving in a blur. This sense of relaxed eating spilled over into feed days and not only was food eaten more slowly, less was consumed due to the awareness of feeling full not being overshadowed by a gluttonous pig.

So now I am, once again, eating 500 to 600 calories per fasting day. Beginning yesterday, I resumed my 2C black coffee (10cal) and usual fried egg (75cal) on low-cal toast (70cal). This was consumed at 11:00ish and was quite refreshing indeed. For dinner, I ate almost one litre (945mL) of a delicious home-made cauliflower and kale soup. Even with half and half added, it totaled only 325 calories. This was a grand total of 480 calories and the closest I’ve been to 500 calories since July. I haven’t anything planned yet for Thursday but one or two bowls of hot soup is a wonderful thing for these cold autumn nights.

As some of you may have read in my last post, I had a bit of a guilt free (thanks to Juliana) blow out a couple of weekends ago and gained back a wee bit of weight. And according to Liz, that weight would come off quickly (at least hers did). I’m here to say that both of those lovely ladies were absolutely spot on. I am back down and tied with my lowest weight yet; 132kg on the button. I haven’t seen these numbers since mid-September. That being said, all those dots hovering between 290 and 300 are becoming a bloody nuisance, however, I believe it will get to 131 sooner rather than later.  🙂

If you care to see, I’ve posted another graph of my weight loss journey below.

Bob's Weight as of 8-October 2013

If all remains the same and the Excel trendline is correct, I will be 113kg by next spring, having been on the 5:2 diet for a full year. Also, if the weeks continue to speed by, this should happen in no time at all.

Thank you for stopping by and cheers.



2 thoughts on “One-Half Year!!!

  1. Glad I was able to remove that guilt. Guilt is such an evil thing in this short lives of ours.

    Anywow.. wow the graph is impressive

    So glad you went back to 500-600 calories. Personally dont know how you did the liquid fasting as it seems somehow “unnatural”

    i love the way you expressed this… about the liquid fast phase of yours.

    “Thinking back with speculation, liquid only fasting may have been too much of a deprivation and feed days became more, necessary or emphasized, if you will. Instead of savouring and enjoying meals, old habits crept back and the ravenous beastie reappeared”

    Yes this I.F. does indeed creep into the non fast days. Just love I.F for so many reasons.

    Keep going. and you will see that target weight Bob!!!

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