Down…But By No Means Out

Just a quick update.

I’m not certain as to why but last week, I gained 1.5kg. (insert sad face here). I thought I was doing quite well with my eating and was positive I would see 131 or less. Alas, it was not meant to be. Weighing in at a whopping 133.5, the likes of which have not been seen since mid August, was slightly defeating. Oh well. As I told a friend last night, whether gaining, losing, or staying the same, I am in this 5:2 thing for the long haul. I truly believe that my body remembers this weight from days gone by, when It took quite some time for me to move up to the 300 pound realm. I can’t remember how long I stayed in the 290’s but something in this tired old brain thinks it was a bit. The first I had seen anything below 300 pounds was 23-July and the closest to 280 was 8-October. It has been a thirteen month stall that has kept me here. I truly believe that as soon as my body adjusts, the weight loss will begin again. The beautiful thing about this diet (lifestyle) is that it is so simple, which is why I can keep pressing on. If this were a seven day a week calorie counting drudgery, I can tell with certainty that I would be throwing in the towel but fasting two days a week is easy.

Now on to what I haven’t done in the past couple months…my menu. Last Thursday, my food consumption included 1.5C black coffee (7.5), about 70g of pealed broccoli stems (19), almost one litre of borscht (238), 7.75 oz grilled chicken breast (238) and a slice of low cal toast (70). This brought my caloric intake to 582.5 kcals. This past Monday saw a more typical fasting day menu. Breakfast at 11:00ish with 2C black coffee (10), a fried egg (75) and a slice of low cal toast (70). Dinner was at 18:00, consisting of 4oz grilled chicken breast (123), 150g broccoli/cauliflower mix (35.3), 3oz baby greens (20), 3oz red bell pepper (40), and 1 T salad dressing (30). Total calories were 403.3.

One thing that I have been remiss in mentioning is my exercise routine. I had been going Monday through Friday, working on the elliptical 7.25 km in 40 minutes each day. I began to dread going to exercise. So instead of stopping, I reduced my routine to three days a week. Currently it is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Now, instead of dread there is anticipation. All in all, I run 21.7 km each week in two hours total. According to the machine, there is over 600 kcals burned with each session. This 1800 calories burned along with the 1000 to 1200 caloric deficit each week will give me results. I will press on.

Thank you for stopping by.



One thought on “Down…But By No Means Out

  1. Yes, press on.

    Can’t remember do you do 4:3 or 5:2 Bob ?

    For me i cant go past 4:3 as it really keeps me switched on and quite frankly look forward to the healthy meals on my fast days. Like this one which is Moroccan carrot salad, tuna vege salad and cauliflower.

    On fast days, Ive got to 4pm now before i have to break the fast with just a piece of fruit or something simple before my main meal (that started about 11pm the previous night as im a late evening snacker).

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