Continuing To Ride The Plateau – 14 of 28 Weeks

Another quick update, as I don’t feel like writing too much. I’m back down to 132.8, which is about the seventh time I’ve been near this mark. Frustrating, however according to Dr. Krista Varady, metabolism slows down when 10% of one’s mass has been lost. I continue to imagine that one of these days I will break that barrier and the weight loss will resume. While eating normally five days a week and restricting calories two is easy to accomplish, I feel that the month I did water only fasting days wreaked havoc on my self-control. I am having to re-learn the art of small bites and eating slowly. Hopefully it will come back quickly.

As I mentioned on a previous post, I am recording everything 5:2 related on Excel. This includes a worksheet for the calories of many different foods, a worksheet for all my fasting day menus, a worksheet for all recorded weigh in results along with a corresponding graph of such, a worksheet for my current BMI and a worksheet for pictures I have taken every month (front view and side view). The last worksheet is not pretty. The reason I’m letting you know that all of this is on Excel is so when I post my last two fasting day menus, you will see how I track my calories.

Here is what I ate last Thursday and last Monday:

FastingMenu17-Oct & 21-Oct

If you noticed, I’ve reduced the calories for one egg from 75 to 70. This new calorie data is from the egg carton itself.

Anyway, I am toying with the idea of resuming two posts per week. It will 1) keep me more accountable during my feed days, and 2) will allow me to recall details that I might otherwise leave out due to faulty memory issues.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you all for the encouraging comments. If you haven’t commented, please do. Just a note is nice.




4 thoughts on “Continuing To Ride The Plateau – 14 of 28 Weeks

  1. Thanks Bob for your posts. I started about the same time as you and I’m amazed how many of your posts are right where I am! I am trying to remember that overall the trend is down but sometimes the process of hitting the same number over and over and revisiting that weight can be frustrating. I’m doing this for the long haul, I keep reminding myself. Keep the faith! We will live longer and more healthier lives by our choices today!!

    • Thank you Kathy. That should be my number three reason for posting more often. I oftentimes forget that my posts may be encouraging others in their 5:2 victories/struggles. Any time that self-control is required, it seems as though our silly bodies want nothing to do with that.

  2. Hi Bobby,
    I am amazed at the effort you put in, doing all those spread sheets! I think it’s a great idea to post twice a week, although it is also quite time consuming, you have some great reasons to do it, and there are lots of us who love to read about your struggles and achievements.
    My daughter works with a lady who reads my blog, and I haven’t felt like posting for a few weeks, and my daughter told me last night that the lady had been hoping for some words of wisdom and a bit of inspiration before she went away on a cruse for 2 weeks. You never know who is waiting for your thoughts and the honest way you inspire people to have a go too, or to keep going.
    Thanks for your efforts, it is worth it!

  3. Yes please to the twice a week posting Bob. i find myself just knowing its Wednesday or Thursday and its time to check your post. Dont worry not stalking you but i do find your detailed posts motivational. so yes to twice a week. love the spreadsheet work. i could never be that good and even stopped using the online tools for that. just know i eat a whole lot less on my 3 fast days than rest of week and nothing at all from 11pm previous night to about 6pm if i can.

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