Mid-Week Post — Week 28 Complete

Here I sit on this lovely autumn day in the Pacific Northwest. The sun is shining, it is a pleasant 18oC, the roses continue to bloom and my winter collard green plants are going into the garden this weekend. Life is good.

One reason for this chipper mood, beside the gorgeous weather, is that I have been able to do what I most enjoy; that is cooking. Now you may be thinking, “Bob, what are you doing? Isn’t it your fasting day?” and you most certainly would be right…except I fasted yesterday. I know! This 5:2 thing is so flexible. The fasting day was yesterday, in order to make way for the feast tonight. I am cooking a birthday dinner, which will consist of grilled beef sirloin steaks, sauteed mushrooms with garlic and shallots, Brussels sprouts with onion and bacon, boiled baby red potatoes, and steamed butternut squash. Yumm!! I can’t wait! But that is for later.

As for yesterday’s fasting menu, it appears that I am spoiling myself. Nearly 600 kcals spread throughout the day and I was barely hungry. It wasn’t until 11:00 that breakfast was had. This was comprised of two poached eggs (140cal) alighted atop a piece of low-cal toast (70cal), served with 2 cups of piping hot black coffee (10cal). Such a meal held me fine until dinnertime at 18:00, which involved the last of a delicious cauliflower/kale soup I had made. It was a large 530 gram bowlful (94cal) with which 4T half & half (80cal) was added. Aside from the soup, I prepared a salad of thinly sliced 330g green cabbage (83cal), 131g red bell pepper (62cal) and 3T salad dressing (37.5). The salad proved quite formidable as it was a lot of food and I was sick of all the crunching and chewing before even a dent was made. It was there my mind was made up. I heated a skillet and sauteed this cabbage melange until it was cooked. There was still a mountain of cabbage  but far less crunching was necessary. I did, however, need to sleep with the bedroom window open. *blush* The total caloric intake for the day was 576.5 kcals.

Now I’m off to prepare dinner. Toodles!



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