Week 29 Begins: This Was a Hard day

I. Am. Hungry. Well, at least I was when I wrote that. I’m talking about one of the ‘bottomless pit’ days. Ever have one of those? Ever have one of those on a fasting day? They are not fun, especially when you cannot satisfy that hunger. I went to bed hungry, fantasised about an huge breakfast, and when morning came, ate an extremely sensible meal. I wonder why that is? Consume hardly any calories on one day, hoping you can survive until the next, wake and be perfectly content to eat lightly. Strange that.

Enough pondering and on to the meat and potatoes of this blog. Oh, speaking of meat and potatoes: Juliana, I was well chuffed with the meal. Everything turned out quite tasty. Even though the Brussels sprouts with bacon had the potential to be the hero of the dish, it was the top sirloin that put me over the moon. It was perfectly cooked to a medium rare and was tender as can be. Here is a photo of my plate.


You can see that the hero here is smothered in sauteed mushrooms. The butternut squash was cooked a wee bit more than I had desired but was delicious nonetheless. Just looking at the pic is making my mouth water.

On to the 5:2 weight gain plan. Oops, did I say weight gain, what I meant to say was weight gain. Yes, I had another upward bound as of the last weigh-in. As of Tuesday, this old heap of a body is a stunning 134.4kg. That’s an upward push of one and a half kilos. It could be water retention due to my PMS (I wish I had that excuse but am quite thankful I don’t). I was hoping to start my holiday at a lower weight but I’ll take whatever I can get.

Speaking of holiday, there is a strong possibility that this blog will lay dormant until mid-November as will my fasting days. One simply can not go on a cruise and not eat…a lot. It will only be four fasting days missed, so it won’t be the end of the world. Hopefully good eating habits will overshadow poor ones. One thing is certain; I do not care for that full bloated feeling following a pig out. In fact, I now try to avoid that feeling.

I hope you all have a wonderful next two weeks, wherever this may find you. Until next time, when I shall return fatter and more tan.




2 thoughts on “Week 29 Begins: This Was a Hard day

  1. Yes that steak looks good. A steak well cooked is priceless. I have found of late the best steak is the one i cook the way i like, never anything from a restaurant. Goes for most meals these days actually.

    Enjoy the holidays Bob. Dont worry about weight but maybe have one or two days you just pick that you say.. “im not gonna fast but maybe just a bit of a tiny “repair day” where I eat just a little less than normal days and only the healthiest things and not much carbs/sugar”.. it need not put a damper on the whole holiday and you will feel better for it on the days immediately after. Even try for 3 days over the 2 weeks.



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