Week Thirty-Three (Second fasting day)

Hi all. Strange thing, posting two bloggy thingys in one day. I guarantee that this will be much shorter than the previous.

The day started out ok. I was considerably hungrier this morning than I usually am,  but like always, the feeling passed. The hunger feelings even remained at bay whilst making cranberry sauce and turkey stock. However, as dinner was approaching, so was the hunger.

Now that dinner has been consumed and I am completely sated, here comes the days recap. There was the standard 2C black coffee (10cal) this morning and for dinner, the long awaited mound of veg. Choosing not to add apple to the squash, it still tasted great. I heaped 300g of the cubed and steamed Hubbard squash (90cal) onto the plate This was accompanied by 200g boiled beets (88cal), which had been tossed in 1T Merlot vinaigrette (15cal). Finally, there was a 300g pile of steamed cauliflower (69cal). The entire dinner was a paltry 262 calories. Not bad for such a whopping amount of food.

As promised, here is a picture.




Week Thirty-Three

I can’t help but thinking that I am eat too much on certain (not all) feeding days but that was the appeal of this 5:2 diet; eat what you will five days and drastically reduce caloric intake on two days. I have been doing that very thing, yet I continue to gain weight. I actually wasn’t going to write anything because I was feeling a bit blue, however, the point of writing this blog was to keep me accountable and the only way to do that is to write, weight be damned.

Oh well, it is what it is and I need to keep pressing forward. Having gained another kilo, I am now at 138.1kg (304.5lb), making for a total loss of 8.4kg since beginning in April of this year. If I keep up with my current trending, I should be able to reach my starting weight of 146kg by the New Year (much sarcasm here).

Sarcasm aside, this is a particularly difficult time of the year to be fasting, what with all the food preparation that is happening for the holidays. In fact, as I write this it happens to be a Wednesday and the day with which I am choosing to fast again instead of Thursday. Fasting on Thanksgiving sounds dreadful but fasting on the day where I will be cooking all sorts of goodies sounds equally dreadful. Dreadful may be too strong of a word to use for today’s fast, how about challenging. That sounds better.

As for the food I will get to eat today, it will be that same as what was eaten on Monday’s fasting day, as I cooked a bunch. Fasting days are currently structured with no food until dinner and then all the calories taken in then. Dinner on Monday consisted of a huge pile of three different types of vegetables. The first veg eaten was 250g of cubed steamed Hubbard squash (75cal). I dry sautéed 70g of peeled and sliced apple (37cal) until it began to slightly brown then added the squash to the apple pan. It was so tasty. The sweetness of the apple brought out the sweetness of the squash but was balanced with the salt added. The other veg was a warm beet salad, utilizing 225g boiled beets (99cal). Peeling and course chopping these while hot, I tossed them with 1T of salad dressing (12.5cal). The acid of the dressing was the perfect balance to the sweetness of the beets and blended wonderfully. The last veg was a simple steamed mound (300g) of cauliflower (69cal). This needed nothing as the freshness provided all flavors necessary. I wish that I had taken a picture, as the plate was beautiful and bountiful. Maybe I will tonight.

With a total caloric intake of just 292.5 calories, I knew that there was room for dessert. Soooo, a bit later in the evening, I had ¾ C of cottage cheese (165cal) mixed with 112g diced banana (100cal). I sprinkled a touch of nutmeg on top and it was a fitting dessert. The total calories were 557.5.

Now I’m off to de-bone the turkey, make a turkey stock and cook the cranberries. Cheers, everyone.

Week Thirty-Two Complete (fast # 65)

It’s odd, thinking back to when this journey first began, at how excited it was to achieve four, five and six fasting days. Now with well over a half year gone by, those first fasting days seem so long ago. This is officially the longest I have ever been on any type of diet and the momentum is still going strong. I must admit, it is easier with all those encouraging comments. Thank you all :~)

Speaking of comments, the last posts comments made me chuckle. When Kathy and Wendy commented that the additional 2.6+ kilos were mostly bloat, I giggled to myself. The reason I did was that you would have been surprised by the amount of food I consumed. It was truly impressive. Regardless, I’m back at it and it actually feels good to regain some semblance of control over my food consumption. Also, Liz and Juliana, I relish your comments. It’s an interesting phenomenon, this blogging business, while although we’ve never met, I feel a close connection to you. And while you may look forward to my weekly ramblings, I look forward to reading your comments. I guess the need for affirmation follows me no matter where we go.

Now that this fasting day is coming to a close, I suppose I ought to relate today’s food intake. The morning began just as it usually does, with 2C black coffee (10cal). I sure do like that stuff. This held me over until dinner, which was almost identical to Monday’s fasting day dinner: 4oz baby greens (27cal), 4.25oz sliced red bell peppers (37cal), 2oz crumbled feta (120cal), tossed with 2T salad dressing (25cal), and topped with 4oz grilled chicken breast (198cal). All totaling 417  kcals for the day. At this point, I really don’t feel the need to consume more than that but it is nice to know that there are nearly 200 calories with which I may add. On a completely different note, there is such a wonderful song playing right now, I thought I’d share. It’s Van Morrison’s song Remind Me Of You. Ahhhhh.

Since I’m in this relaxed, blissful state, I thought I’d answer Juliana’s question of the highlights from the cruise. It was a close race between the catamaran pulling right up onto the deserted beach of Deep Bay in Antigua or caving in Mexico. The winner has got to be the caving. Moving through this pristine wet cave at Playa del Carmen in Mexico was other worldly. The uniqueness of this experience put it over the top. We donned wetsuits, life jackets, water-shoes, and helmets, allowing us to walk, wade and swim through this subterranean wonderland. Here are a few pictures of the Río Secreto. Enjoy.

Río Secreto, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Río Secreto, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Beautiful Río Secreto stalactites

Beautiful Río Secreto stalactites

Water spelunking "potholing" in the Río Secreto

Water spelunking “potholing” in the Río Secreto

That’s me, the fourth from the right.

Until next week,


Back From Holiday – Fat and Sassy

It was a rough two weeks but somebody had to do it. Day one: we arrived in Boston for a day of sight-seeing. Walked the Freedom Trail and saw quite a bit. It was loads of fun. Then we set sail for the sunny Caribbean; St. Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, Curaçao, Aruba, and Cozumel. The weather was divine, the snorkeling was exquisite, and the food was fantastic (as well as never-ending). We enjoyed champagne catamarans, sight-seeing and cave explorations. All in all, I would say the trip went well.

Here are a couple pictures snapped from the ship, just before we left St. Thomas.

Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas from the ship

Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas from the ship

View of Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas from the ship

View of Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas from the ship

The rum flowed freely and the breeze blew gently. Alas, all good things must come to an end. While being a wonderful trip, it is good to be back home, regardless of the grey, rainy, and dreary days. I did, however, manage one fasting day while afloat on that giant all-you-can-eat buffet. More than that, I could not do. I even brought along my exercise kit, which lay dormant for two weeks solid. Oh well, good intentions and all that. I arrived back home on Friday night and throughout the entire weekend didn’t have much of an appetite. If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ll know what I’m talking about; if not, I’ll try to explain. You know those days when you are not necessarily hungry but you still walk to the fridge, open it up and stare into the abyss? Seeing nothing that strikes your fancy, you walk to the pantry, open the door and gaze at the cans/boxes/bags of food stuff, just wishing there was a steaming hot plate of something good to eat, then you close the door and repeat the process. Well, imagine opening up the fridge and there are four different types of sandwiches there, ready made and just for you. Then you walk to the pantry and there are soups and breads waiting; you walk back to the fridge and set before you are shelves of fresh cut fruit and a plethora of differing desserts. Then you go to the pantry, open the door and all you see before you are steaming savory pans of food from such a diverse cultural background that you desire a sample from each; then you go back to the fridge … You get the picture. So you can see why I haven’t had much of an appetite this past weekend. Along came Monday; the first fasting day back into reality. I didn’t know what to expect.

While I was a bit pensive in how I would react to denying myself food, I must say that it went swimmingly. In fact, aside from a cup of black coffee (5cal), I felt the urge to consume nothing until dinner. For some reason, I am feeling compelled to simply partake of salads on my fasting days; at least for the time being. Last night I ate 4oz of mixed baby greens (27cal) tossed with 2T salad dressing (25cal) and topped with 3oz sliced red bell peppers (26cal), 4 cooked ounces grilled chicken breast (198cal), and 2oz crumbled feta cheese (120cal). Dinner was quite filling and the days total was 401 kcal.

After waking this morning, I knew the inevitable was looming ahead; that’s right, the SCALE. It was time to reconcile the excess eating combined with the absence of exercise. Before I weighed myself, I gathered up my strength and jumped back into my exercise routine. Sitting here pondering this, I am amazed. I can go all year without snorkeling in the warm Caribbean sea and lounging in the sun, and be able to begin it again with ease but two weeks without exercise, good Lord!! It’s as though I haven’t gotten to the gym in years! I was sweating and out of breath in no time. I did finish my routine but it was not without complaint. After coming home and stripping down, I could put it off no longer.  I was 137kg even; I had gained 2.7 kilos (almost 6 pounds). So here I am with a new starting point and back to the weight I was in September. The hopes that I would see 113 by the spring is gone but it is what it is. I’m hoping that this next bit of weight loss will propel me quickly through the 290’s and I’ll drop seven or eight kilos soon. I must say that it could have been worse and the exciting thing about this 5:2 WOL (way of life) is that you’re right back to it.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments and emails. I appreciate you taking time to read about me and my foibles.