Week Thirty-Two Complete (fast # 65)

It’s odd, thinking back to when this journey first began, at how excited it was to achieve four, five and six fasting days. Now with well over a half year gone by, those first fasting days seem so long ago. This is officially the longest I have ever been on any type of diet and the momentum is still going strong. I must admit, it is easier with all those encouraging comments. Thank you all :~)

Speaking of comments, the last posts comments made me chuckle. When Kathy and Wendy commented that the additional 2.6+ kilos were mostly bloat, I giggled to myself. The reason I did was that you would have been surprised by the amount of food I consumed. It was truly impressive. Regardless, I’m back at it and it actually feels good to regain some semblance of control over my food consumption. Also, Liz and Juliana, I relish your comments. It’s an interesting phenomenon, this blogging business, while although we’ve never met, I feel a close connection to you. And while you may look forward to my weekly ramblings, I look forward to reading your comments. I guess the need for affirmation follows me no matter where we go.

Now that this fasting day is coming to a close, I suppose I ought to relate today’s food intake. The morning began just as it usually does, with 2C black coffee (10cal). I sure do like that stuff. This held me over until dinner, which was almost identical to Monday’s fasting day dinner: 4oz baby greens (27cal), 4.25oz sliced red bell peppers (37cal), 2oz crumbled feta (120cal), tossed with 2T salad dressing (25cal), and topped with 4oz grilled chicken breast (198cal). All totaling 417  kcals for the day. At this point, I really don’t feel the need to consume more than that but it is nice to know that there are nearly 200 calories with which I may add. On a completely different note, there is such a wonderful song playing right now, I thought I’d share. It’s Van Morrison’s song Remind Me Of You. Ahhhhh.

Since I’m in this relaxed, blissful state, I thought I’d answer Juliana’s question of the highlights from the cruise. It was a close race between the catamaran pulling right up onto the deserted beach of Deep Bay in Antigua or caving in Mexico. The winner has got to be the caving. Moving through this pristine wet cave at Playa del Carmen in Mexico was other worldly. The uniqueness of this experience put it over the top. We donned wetsuits, life jackets, water-shoes, and helmets, allowing us to walk, wade and swim through this subterranean wonderland. Here are a few pictures of the Río Secreto. Enjoy.

Río Secreto, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Río Secreto, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Beautiful Río Secreto stalactites

Beautiful Río Secreto stalactites

Water spelunking "potholing" in the Río Secreto

Water spelunking “potholing” in the Río Secreto

That’s me, the fourth from the right.

Until next week,



One thought on “Week Thirty-Two Complete (fast # 65)

  1. omg they are just beautiful photos Bob! Thanks for posting and yes, i feel that “connection” with so many people online with forums and blogs like yours. you never know one day we can all meet. ( i didnt mean in heaven. meant in this life)

    have a great week “back home” there is a saying i adhere to.. “there is nothing like home” or “home sweet home”

    just broke my fast that started last night at 11pm…. off to the fridge and stovetop i go for left over chicken, sprouted fenugreek (My latest craze), and maybe some couscous.

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