Week Thirty-Three (Second fasting day)

Hi all. Strange thing, posting two bloggy thingys in one day. I guarantee that this will be much shorter than the previous.

The day started out ok. I was considerably hungrier this morning than I usually am,  but like always, the feeling passed. The hunger feelings even remained at bay whilst making cranberry sauce and turkey stock. However, as dinner was approaching, so was the hunger.

Now that dinner has been consumed and I am completely sated, here comes the days recap. There was the standard 2C black coffee (10cal) this morning and for dinner, the long awaited mound of veg. Choosing not to add apple to the squash, it still tasted great. I heaped 300g of the cubed and steamed Hubbard squash (90cal) onto the plate This was accompanied by 200g boiled beets (88cal), which had been tossed in 1T Merlot vinaigrette (15cal). Finally, there was a 300g pile of steamed cauliflower (69cal). The entire dinner was a paltry 262 calories. Not bad for such a whopping amount of food.

As promised, here is a picture.





2 thoughts on “Week Thirty-Three (Second fasting day)

  1. Hi again Bobby,
    Thanks for the photo. The squash looks like what I call Jap pumpkin. It’s so smooth and sweet when you roast it in little blocks! Great in salads too!
    You sound like a great cook with all the things you’ve been doing for Thanksgiving.
    Again, good luck with your motivation over this time of year, I’m looking forward to hearing how you go with your next weigh in.

  2. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your encouraging words. Ya, the weight gain is frustrating but with this 5:2 way of life (WOL), I still feel like I’m am in control of my eating.
    The type of squash is actually called a Blue Hubbard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cucurbita_maxima) and it’s flesh is quite similar to that of a pumpkin.
    Now I’m off to begin final preparations for tonight’s feast.

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