Week Thirty-Three

I can’t help but thinking that I am eat too much on certain (not all) feeding days but that was the appeal of this 5:2 diet; eat what you will five days and drastically reduce caloric intake on two days. I have been doing that very thing, yet I continue to gain weight. I actually wasn’t going to write anything because I was feeling a bit blue, however, the point of writing this blog was to keep me accountable and the only way to do that is to write, weight be damned.

Oh well, it is what it is and I need to keep pressing forward. Having gained another kilo, I am now at 138.1kg (304.5lb), making for a total loss of 8.4kg since beginning in April of this year. If I keep up with my current trending, I should be able to reach my starting weight of 146kg by the New Year (much sarcasm here).

Sarcasm aside, this is a particularly difficult time of the year to be fasting, what with all the food preparation that is happening for the holidays. In fact, as I write this it happens to be a Wednesday and the day with which I am choosing to fast again instead of Thursday. Fasting on Thanksgiving sounds dreadful but fasting on the day where I will be cooking all sorts of goodies sounds equally dreadful. Dreadful may be too strong of a word to use for today’s fast, how about challenging. That sounds better.

As for the food I will get to eat today, it will be that same as what was eaten on Monday’s fasting day, as I cooked a bunch. Fasting days are currently structured with no food until dinner and then all the calories taken in then. Dinner on Monday consisted of a huge pile of three different types of vegetables. The first veg eaten was 250g of cubed steamed Hubbard squash (75cal). I dry sautéed 70g of peeled and sliced apple (37cal) until it began to slightly brown then added the squash to the apple pan. It was so tasty. The sweetness of the apple brought out the sweetness of the squash but was balanced with the salt added. The other veg was a warm beet salad, utilizing 225g boiled beets (99cal). Peeling and course chopping these while hot, I tossed them with 1T of salad dressing (12.5cal). The acid of the dressing was the perfect balance to the sweetness of the beets and blended wonderfully. The last veg was a simple steamed mound (300g) of cauliflower (69cal). This needed nothing as the freshness provided all flavors necessary. I wish that I had taken a picture, as the plate was beautiful and bountiful. Maybe I will tonight.

With a total caloric intake of just 292.5 calories, I knew that there was room for dessert. Soooo, a bit later in the evening, I had ¾ C of cottage cheese (165cal) mixed with 112g diced banana (100cal). I sprinkled a touch of nutmeg on top and it was a fitting dessert. The total calories were 557.5.

Now I’m off to de-bone the turkey, make a turkey stock and cook the cranberries. Cheers, everyone.


One thought on “Week Thirty-Three

  1. Hi again Bobby,
    Sorry about the disappointing weight gain, hope you can keep your motivation up till you start going down again, which I’m sure you will!
    I’m interested to know what a Hubbard squash is? I haven’t heard of that. Is it like a pumpkin? I wish too, that you had taken a photo of your dinner that you described, it sounded great!
    Best of luck,

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