Week Thirty-Seven – Done

Hi all,

Well, here I sit; it’s 19:00 and I’m not even hungry. Not sure why but since I’m not hungry, I’m not going to eat. I did have 2C of coffee with 2T half & half (50cal) this morning but beyond that, I’m done for the day. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I had plenty to eat for Christmas, not certain. I didn’t eat until I was stuffed but I didn’t skimp on the amount either.

Other than that, there is not much to say. I’ll take a shower and get to bed early.




Week Thirty-Seven Fasting Day & Weight Resolution

I love this time of year but I think I’ll love it even more having some control over my eating.

There is so much food to prep today for my open house tonight. There’s two flavours of Hummus, deviled eggs, a meat and cheese platter, teriyaki meatballs, just to name a few. My mouth is watering just thinking about tall the yummy food.

Speaking of yummy food, yesterday’s fast went swimmingly. The day began with 2C coffee with 2T half & half (50cal). It was sometime after noon that I decided to have a little munch on about 28g of deli turkey (25cal). At dinner, there were guests and I prepared Tri-tip beef roast with baked squash. DELICIOUS! 150g of beef (302cal) and 150g squash (99cal), was had. I made about 2T of mixed sour cream/barbeque sauce/worcestershire sauce as a dipping sauce (70cal) to eat with the meat. All in all, it was a lovely dinner. This gave me a daily total of 546 kcal.

Besides having more control over what will and won’t be eaten during the holiday, I have decided not to weigh in until after the New Year. I find that my mood is too swayed by those results, so what better way to avoid them. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good fasting day.


Week 36 Completed

I’d like to apologize for not posting my usual Tuesday update but it has been a hectic week. Despite all the comings and goings, I have been able to fast Monday and yesterday (Thursday). As of late, I have been holding out for the entire day, after morning coffee, just waiting until dinnertime to eat. With the exception of coffee, all I am skipping is breakfast and lunch twice a week. Not terribly difficult.

Monday’s menu began with the usual 2C black coffee (10cal). I had just recently picked up some beautiful beets at the local produce store, so dinner consisted of three piping hot bowls of Borscht with one teaspoon of sour cream in each bowl. With all that Borscht soup totaling a paltry 256 calories, I was able to add a nice salad to my meal. The salad was eaten later because those bowls of soup filled me up proper. It was nothing fancy, mind you. There was 85g mixed baby greens (20cal), 57g crumbled feta cheese (120cal) and 2T salad dressing (25cal). Monday’s total was 431 kcal. (is that better, Slim? ;))

Yesterday’s menu had a few variations and I didn’t eat as I normally do on a fasting day. First, I had cream in my coffee!! I know!! 2C coffee (10cal) with 2T half & half (40cal). This held me fine until 14:00, when I ate a dill pickle spear (5cal). I do love a good kosher dill. For dinner, there was the remainder of that yummy Borscht, which gave me two bowls, eaten along with the teaspoon of sour cream on each (136cal). Wanting a snack later on, I had another pickle spear (5cal). A wee bit after the pickle came time for desert, which was a delicious Washington grown Fuji apple; 135 grams for 70 calories. The entire day consisted of only 266 kcal but I never felt deprived. Strange things, these fasting days. On some I feel like a bottomless pit and am ravenous for much of the day, while others go by without a hitch. Hmmm.

Thank you all for the lovely comments.


Week 35’s Final Fasting Meal

Crappy day.

Breakfast: 1C black coffee (5 cal). Dinner:128g mixed baby greens (30cal), 79g red bell peppers (24cal), 57g feta cheese (120cal), 85g cooked chicken (149cal), 2T salad dressing (25cal). Total eaten 353 kcal

Sorry for the terse post but I do not feel like writing.

See you next week,


Welcome to my 61st Post, My 70th Fast, and the Beginning of Week Thirty-Five

Hello and welcome to my blog. While I’ve been trying to habituate a 16:8 eating schedule during the five feed days, I have been less than successful in doing so. It hasn’t been out of malice or self-sabotage, but it has been out of carelessness due to forgetfulness. What needs to be done is to focus on the goal of re-gaining control over my eating habits. This has been a tough year for many reasons I can’t get into and I think that eating has been one way to cope. While it has become easier to deny myself two days each week, my feeding days have been more than compensatory. Suffice it to say, I need to get back on track, with my exercise routine and my overall eating patterns.

That being said, I will relate with Monday’s fasting menu. Monday was in and of itself a hard day to fast because I had to prepare the meat course for a dinner party of 22 persons. Smack in the middle of my fasting day, I had to grill six Tri-tip roasts and let them rest in my house. OH MY!! Can you imagine how good they smelled and how hungry I became? The aroma of cooked steak permeated the entire house. Added to this torture, I had to prepare the au jus; tasting, spitting (into the sink), adjusting the seasoning, tasting, repeat. When the dinner was finally served, I ate…Tri-tip of course. There was a beautiful 170g medium rare portion (342 calories), along with 250g grilled winter squash (75 cal) on my plate. It was heavenly. That, along with my morning coffee (10 cal) and an unfortunate supermarket sample of cream cheese and graham cracker (57 cal), which I popped into my mouth before I thought, landed me at 484 kcals for the day.

Now you may ask what prompted my opening confessional, and I will tell you that it was yet another 230g gain in weight. It isn’t much but it was indeed, devastating. Devastating may be too strong a word so I’ll retract it and say sobering. I am up to 137.6 kg (303.4lbs) but I refuse to go any further. I am resolute in my pledge to begin losing again.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Until next fasting day,


Thirty-Fourth Weeks End

Sorry it has taken so long to update from the last fast but it’s been busy. Tis’ the season and all that.

I am lifting this next bit form my post on a 5:2 forum. It was written Thursday 5-Dec.from my hotel room, as I was away on business. The topic was Name Something You Like Most About This WOL (way of life).

“This topic was prompted by my failure to fast today (Thursday), which is usually a regular fasting for me.
I was thinking, “I’ll just fast tomorrow instead.” This further prompted me to think how wonderful, flexible, and forgiving this WOL is, if we don’t fixate on the past. This is precisely why the word failure above is italicised; today’s failure becomes tomorrow’s success.
All that to say: One thing I like most about this WOL is the flexibility.”

It’s true! The flexibility and the ability to be forgiven when you ‘mess up’ is so freeing. Thursday was a long day and I just felt like eating. Friday was a long day but included a long and treacherous drive home, so what better day to fast?

My menu included the standard 2 cups of coffee (10cal) but this time included 3T of half and half (60cal). Then throughout the day I consumed another 4C black coffee (20cal). It was all I could do to keep awake. During the drive home, all I had time for was a small apple (77cal). That was it. By the time I got home, I was exhausted so it was easy to not have anything else to eat.

So there you have it, the entire day’s caloric consumption consisted of 167 kcals.

See you all on Tuesday,


P.S. Yes Juliana, I love hot food, including chili. As a matter of fact, I love food…too much. lol Now that winter is here (in the northern hemisphere), I’ll start preparing some heartier fare. I know you have some good recipes, so anything you feel like giving up, I’ll take. :~)

Week Thirty-Four (First Fasting Day of the Week)

I’ve been on this 5:2 journey since mid April, with a beginning weight of 146 kilos. Having primarily stuck with the basic concepts of 5:2, I’ve also dabbled in liquid only fasting and 4:3, for a month or two each along the way.

Around the end of July, I finally got below 135 but could not break 130, and bounced between 132 and 135 until mid November. It was then that a two-week Caribbean cruise was quite necessary. Fasting one out of the possible four fasting days was all that could be mustered, and although active while aboard, an impressive amount of food was consumed.

Upon returning to reality, the dreaded weigh-in day came too suddenly. Much to my surprise, there had only been a three kilo gain but there I was again, back above the 135 line. Then for some reason, at the very last weigh in (last Tuesday), there was another kilo gained and I was right back to the weight I was at the beginning of this July.

So now, with my tropical tan fading fast and the days growing ever shorter, I’m going to try yet another variation. Monday and Thursday will continue to be fasting days but there will be an adherence to 16:8 on the five feeding days. I am confident that this will help defeat the need to eat late at night, however, I am well aware of just how many calories can be consumed in an eight hour period.

Regardless of the amount of food that can be consumed, I believe this will provide the much needed structure that needs to be regained and the weight loss that needs to be reclaimed.

Speaking of weight reclamation, today is weigh in day. I shudder to think about it because Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday saw more friends over for dinner, and Saturday wasn’t entirely light on eating delicious leftovers. Before I input those three dreaded numbers, I would like to indulge you in yesterday’s fasting fare.

Starting off with one cup of black coffee (5cal) can never be wrong, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t until 17:00 that a large salad was prepared for dinner. That salad consisted of 113g mixed baby greens (27cal), 100g peeled cucumber (12cal), 121g yellow bell pepper (37cal), tossed with 2T dressing (25cal), and topped with 57g crumbled feta (120cal) and 113g cooked grilled chicken breast (198cal). The entire day was a mere 424 kcals.

Here is a picture of last nights dinner.


Here are the numbers: I’m down 730 grams to 137.4kg. Still above 135 but with Thanksgiving dinner and all, I guess it could have been worse.

Cheers until Thursday.