Week Thirty-Four (First Fasting Day of the Week)

I’ve been on this 5:2 journey since mid April, with a beginning weight of 146 kilos. Having primarily stuck with the basic concepts of 5:2, I’ve also dabbled in liquid only fasting and 4:3, for a month or two each along the way.

Around the end of July, I finally got below 135 but could not break 130, and bounced between 132 and 135 until mid November. It was then that a two-week Caribbean cruise was quite necessary. Fasting one out of the possible four fasting days was all that could be mustered, and although active while aboard, an impressive amount of food was consumed.

Upon returning to reality, the dreaded weigh-in day came too suddenly. Much to my surprise, there had only been a three kilo gain but there I was again, back above the 135 line. Then for some reason, at the very last weigh in (last Tuesday), there was another kilo gained and I was right back to the weight I was at the beginning of this July.

So now, with my tropical tan fading fast and the days growing ever shorter, I’m going to try yet another variation. Monday and Thursday will continue to be fasting days but there will be an adherence to 16:8 on the five feeding days. I am confident that this will help defeat the need to eat late at night, however, I am well aware of just how many calories can be consumed in an eight hour period.

Regardless of the amount of food that can be consumed, I believe this will provide the much needed structure that needs to be regained and the weight loss that needs to be reclaimed.

Speaking of weight reclamation, today is weigh in day. I shudder to think about it because Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday saw more friends over for dinner, and Saturday wasn’t entirely light on eating delicious leftovers. Before I input those three dreaded numbers, I would like to indulge you in yesterday’s fasting fare.

Starting off with one cup of black coffee (5cal) can never be wrong, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t until 17:00 that a large salad was prepared for dinner. That salad consisted of 113g mixed baby greens (27cal), 100g peeled cucumber (12cal), 121g yellow bell pepper (37cal), tossed with 2T dressing (25cal), and topped with 57g crumbled feta (120cal) and 113g cooked grilled chicken breast (198cal). The entire day was a mere 424 kcals.

Here is a picture of last nights dinner.


Here are the numbers: I’m down 730 grams to 137.4kg. Still above 135 but with Thanksgiving dinner and all, I guess it could have been worse.

Cheers until Thursday.



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