Thirty-Fourth Weeks End

Sorry it has taken so long to update from the last fast but it’s been busy. Tis’ the season and all that.

I am lifting this next bit form my post on a 5:2 forum. It was written Thursday 5-Dec.from my hotel room, as I was away on business. The topic was Name Something You Like Most About This WOL (way of life).

“This topic was prompted by my failure to fast today (Thursday), which is usually a regular fasting for me.
I was thinking, “I’ll just fast tomorrow instead.” This further prompted me to think how wonderful, flexible, and forgiving this WOL is, if we don’t fixate on the past. This is precisely why the word failure above is italicised; today’s failure becomes tomorrow’s success.
All that to say: One thing I like most about this WOL is the flexibility.”

It’s true! The flexibility and the ability to be forgiven when you ‘mess up’ is so freeing. Thursday was a long day and I just felt like eating. Friday was a long day but included a long and treacherous drive home, so what better day to fast?

My menu included the standard 2 cups of coffee (10cal) but this time included 3T of half and half (60cal). Then throughout the day I consumed another 4C black coffee (20cal). It was all I could do to keep awake. During the drive home, all I had time for was a small apple (77cal). That was it. By the time I got home, I was exhausted so it was easy to not have anything else to eat.

So there you have it, the entire day’s caloric consumption consisted of 167 kcals.

See you all on Tuesday,


P.S. Yes Juliana, I love hot food, including chili. As a matter of fact, I love food…too much. lol Now that winter is here (in the northern hemisphere), I’ll start preparing some heartier fare. I know you have some good recipes, so anything you feel like giving up, I’ll take. :~)


2 thoughts on “Thirty-Fourth Weeks End

  1. I’m with you Bob! This way of life is so flexible. If you know that you have to party on a particular day, you can just swap your fasting days around, it really fits in with your life, instead of you having to fit in with it! I have never found another diet that is so free! I love it ( most of the time)
    Keep up the good work, you’re doing well Bob!

  2. re chilli Bob, have you tried making a home made chilli sauce.. I found it a great compliment to fast day food. I didnt notice condiments on your plates but ill often put on a tablespoon of chilli sauce .. yes there are calories in it, which is why i stop at a spoon full

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