Welcome to my 61st Post, My 70th Fast, and the Beginning of Week Thirty-Five

Hello and welcome to my blog. While I’ve been trying to habituate a 16:8 eating schedule during the five feed days, I have been less than successful in doing so. It hasn’t been out of malice or self-sabotage, but it has been out of carelessness due to forgetfulness. What needs to be done is to focus on the goal of re-gaining control over my eating habits. This has been a tough year for many reasons I can’t get into and I think that eating has been one way to cope. While it has become easier to deny myself two days each week, my feeding days have been more than compensatory. Suffice it to say, I need to get back on track, with my exercise routine and my overall eating patterns.

That being said, I will relate with Monday’s fasting menu. Monday was in and of itself a hard day to fast because I had to prepare the meat course for a dinner party of 22 persons. Smack in the middle of my fasting day, I had to grill six Tri-tip roasts and let them rest in my house. OH MY!! Can you imagine how good they smelled and how hungry I became? The aroma of cooked steak permeated the entire house. Added to this torture, I had to prepare the au jus; tasting, spitting (into the sink), adjusting the seasoning, tasting, repeat. When the dinner was finally served, I ate…Tri-tip of course. There was a beautiful 170g medium rare portion (342 calories), along with 250g grilled winter squash (75 cal) on my plate. It was heavenly. That, along with my morning coffee (10 cal) and an unfortunate supermarket sample of cream cheese and graham cracker (57 cal), which I popped into my mouth before I thought, landed me at 484 kcals for the day.

Now you may ask what prompted my opening confessional, and I will tell you that it was yet another 230g gain in weight. It isn’t much but it was indeed, devastating. Devastating may be too strong a word so I’ll retract it and say sobering. I am up to 137.6 kg (303.4lbs) but I refuse to go any further. I am resolute in my pledge to begin losing again.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Until next fasting day,



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my 61st Post, My 70th Fast, and the Beginning of Week Thirty-Five

  1. Bobby, don’t sweat about the odd 200 grams. That is in no way devastating!

    A cup of coffee weighs that – you can not be too obsessive about this stuff. But on a day you describe as above, I would have changed my day to another day when I am not preparing food for twenty odd people.

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