Week 35’s Final Fasting Meal

Crappy day.

Breakfast: 1C black coffee (5 cal). Dinner:128g mixed baby greens (30cal), 79g red bell peppers (24cal), 57g feta cheese (120cal), 85g cooked chicken (149cal), 2T salad dressing (25cal). Total eaten 353 kcal

Sorry for the terse post but I do not feel like writing.

See you next week,



4 thoughts on “Week 35’s Final Fasting Meal

  1. Oh dear. You don’t sound good Bob – hope its all better now.

    To cheer you up,rite down 5 things (not food) that you love that’s around you. Everyone has much to be grateful for, even the tiniest things.

    or this one will do the trick. Make up a batch of home made chili sause. you just have to find some good red chillis (about a kilo) then add oil, lemon, brown sugar, cider vinegar, garlic, tomato passata, Bibe Salcasi (Turkish capsicum paste), fresh cilantro, onion and fenugreek seeds. if you cant find the capsicum paste, maybe throw in some roasted capsicum, skins removed. No idea on calorie content but it adds a zing to many meals as a side dish. Bottle it well and it can last for a few weeks in the fridge.

  2. 353 Calories? Bobby, you da man!

    I think any of us would be terse on 353 calories. I occasionally stray over into the 650 territory, but most days hover around the 600.

    353 is too low Bobby – you need the 600 for the brain to function at optimal level in my opinion.

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