Week 36 Completed

I’d like to apologize for not posting my usual Tuesday update but it has been a hectic week. Despite all the comings and goings, I have been able to fast Monday and yesterday (Thursday). As of late, I have been holding out for the entire day, after morning coffee, just waiting until dinnertime to eat. With the exception of coffee, all I am skipping is breakfast and lunch twice a week. Not terribly difficult.

Monday’s menu began with the usual 2C black coffee (10cal). I had just recently picked up some beautiful beets at the local produce store, so dinner consisted of three piping hot bowls of Borscht with one teaspoon of sour cream in each bowl. With all that Borscht soup totaling a paltry 256 calories, I was able to add a nice salad to my meal. The salad was eaten later because those bowls of soup filled me up proper. It was nothing fancy, mind you. There was 85g mixed baby greens (20cal), 57g crumbled feta cheese (120cal) and 2T salad dressing (25cal). Monday’s total was 431 kcal. (is that better, Slim? ;))

Yesterday’s menu had a few variations and I didn’t eat as I normally do on a fasting day. First, I had cream in my coffee!! I know!! 2C coffee (10cal) with 2T half & half (40cal). This held me fine until 14:00, when I ate a dill pickle spear (5cal). I do love a good kosher dill. For dinner, there was the remainder of that yummy Borscht, which gave me two bowls, eaten along with the teaspoon of sour cream on each (136cal). Wanting a snack later on, I had another pickle spear (5cal). A wee bit after the pickle came time for desert, which was a delicious Washington grown Fuji apple; 135 grams for 70 calories. The entire day consisted of only 266 kcal but I never felt deprived. Strange things, these fasting days. On some I feel like a bottomless pit and am ravenous for much of the day, while others go by without a hitch. Hmmm.

Thank you all for the lovely comments.



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