Happy New Year!!

Hello all. This is the end of my thirty-eighth week of fasting. It marks a special time, in that this week not only included the last fasting day of 2013 but the first fasting day of 2014. Thirsty eight weeks, in retrospect, doesn’t seem like all that long ago; I mean, it was only last spring when I watched the Horizon programme and began this way of life.
When I began, I was exercising five days a week and the weight was rolling off. However, as of late I have not been able to get to the gym. I know this is just an excuse but please bear with me. Having just begun a new job, I have yet to get a permanent (regular) schedule. Yes, another excuse but I am actually missing the work outs.

I still have not weighed myself yet and I might not for a little while longer. I simply want to focus on the fasting days without the emotional upheaval of gaining or losing weight.

Speaking of fasting days, Monday 30 December went a little something like this. Brekky, was 2C black coffee (10). It is amazing that even though I work in the food industry, I am able to fast while amongst all sorts of food. Amazing. Dinner Was a huge pile of steamed veg: 300g steamed broccoli (105), 320g steamed cabbage (74) and 350g cooked beets (154). After finishing the broccoli and about half the beets, I was full, so I stopped eating. However, as I have found, veg full doesn’t seem to last too long and a couple hours later, I wanted to finish my plate. Since there was only 342 calories consumed, I decided to heat up a can of soup (230) and throw in the remaining veg. That was fantastic. The total caloric intake was 572 kcal.

Today was my second fasting day. It began with 1C black coffee (5). Dinner consisted of a nice salad. 75g mixed greens (18), 50g cherry tomatoes (9), 100g mini sweet peppers (31), 105g diced beets (46), tossed in 2T salad dressing (25). All this was topped with 85g crumbled feta cheese (180) and 100g sliced roast beef (201). It was quite filling and ended the day with 515 kcals consumed.

Cheers and happy fasting. 🙂



One thought on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy new year to you Bob.

    Never fear the scales. Even if they are showing a higher number than you would be happy with given your food consumption behaviour and exercise behaviour, it doesn’t matter. Forewarned is forearmed always.

    All the best for this new year of getting healthier and hopefully reaching a significant milestone at the end of each season.


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