Week 39 – First Fasting Day

So it’s not really my first fasting day, but it is for the week. This is an amazing thing; I am finding myself not hungry on the fasting days of late. I knew I should eat but wasn’t hungry. There was my usual morning 2C black coffee (10cal), however, by dinner there was no desire for food. Strange. I ended up eating (110 calories) worth of garlic stuffed olives and (20 cal) worth of giardiniera veggies. I was fine after that little evening snack. My total intake for the day was 140 kcal.

By the way, my fasting day was on Monday but I had no time to post.



2 thoughts on “Week 39 – First Fasting Day

  1. Hi.. isnt 140 calories much less than you should have. I think if you eat too little your metabolism slows and thus you burn up less weight. Dont quote me as im not too crash hot on the science stuff. But i think i read somewhere that you shouldnt go below your 1/4 TDEE unless its deliberate.

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