Week 39 Ending

Hi all and welcome to Thursday.

Well, I took Juliana’s advice and ate more food 😉 I haven’t been dropping down my caloric intake for any other reason than simply not being too hungry but what she said makes sense. I certainly don’t want my metabolism to slow down any more than it already has.

Despite not losing weight, I continue to enjoy my calorie restricted days. Thinking about it, doing this 5:2 is easy. The reality is that I only skip breakfast and lunch on Mondays and Thursdays. Looking at 5:2 from that vantage point, any severity is omitted.

This morning I drank my usual 2C black coffee (10cal). For dinner, I made a delightful soup made from red lentils. Having rinsed the lentils, I placed them in a pot, with water, to cook. In a separate pan, I dry toasted whole cumin, mustard and fennel seeds. To that was added a diced onion, which I sauteed, adding a splash of water so as not to burn. When the onion was half cooked, I added curry powder to the mixture and let those flavours all combine and enhance. This delicious spiced onion mixture was added to the cooking lentils, along with some shredded carrot. I added more water to make it a soup consistency then seasoned with salt. All in all, it was pretty good. A bowlful (almost 500mL) was only 198 calories. I had three bowls; two at dinner and one a couple hours later. My total caloric intake was a wee bit over my suggested 500-600 kcal range (604kcal) but I live dangerously. hahaha

Thank you all for liking and commenting. It sure is nice to know that I’m not in this alone.

Cheers and have a great weekend.



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